Did you know that July 1st is considered “Second Half of the New Year Day” because it’s the halfway point of the year? Some people look at it as an opportunity to realign their goals for the next six months just like you typically do for the year on January 1st.  

In honor of this “Second Half of the New Year” day, we asked the LGC team what some of their personal and/or professional goals were for the rest of 2022. Here’s what they had to say:  

The LGC Team Shares Their “Second Half of the New Year” Goals 

I would like to be promoted within this excellent company, and to reach at least 4 of my 5 goals on my vision board. – Monica, Senior Executive Recruiter 

My goal for 2022 is to become a Senior Staffing Manager!! And to buy a home! – Ebony, Staffing Manager 

My personal goal for 2022 was “take of yourself” – making sure I allowed personal time for myself outside of work for self-health and family time. I have done better but it’s still a work in progress. My professional goal with starting my new division (MarketStaff) in 2022 was to build an established book of business and provide a substantial benefit to the company. Step one was to build a team – which was accomplished. Step two is to increase clients serviced, which is what I am currently working towards. – Jennifer, VP of MarketStaff 

A personal goal is to maintain a specific level of fitness consistently, and not fall off for a few weeks and have to regain the ground I previously had. Professional goal, continue to better myself to be an asset to this phenomenal organization. – Carson, Executive Recruiter 

Professional: Encourage team growth, morale, and efficacy. And increase the hours of the offices I oversee by gaining new clients. Personal Goals: Support my fiancé, plan our wedding, work out & eat better, work on home projects, maintain the DnD games I run. – Jeremy, Area Manager 

My goal is to return to school in August and have a productive start to my dissertation. – Joshlyn, Staffing Manager 

Professional – all eastern region offices hit their outcomes and sit at 1,000 hours or more. Personal – settle into life as a mom and enjoy every minute with my new baby boy ❤ – Erin, Executive VP + Member 

My baby girl graduated from high school this month. The last child out of three. I have had a roller coaster heart of emotions. I have lived the past 27 years for my children. My thoughts, as of late are ever consumed with living for myself and what that looks like. I am going to focus on Marci, maybe for the first time. I am going to put my dedication, heart and passion into work and continue building friendships within. Find life balance and watch the sunset more often. – Marci, Executive Recruiter 

I’m new to LGC Dayton but I do have some goals. 1. To get my first sale by the end of next month. 2. To be the best staffing manager in Dayton. – Teasha, Staffing Manager 

My end of year resolutions are to complete my Percival cosplay (handmade, HELP!) and to finish the first three chapters of my Japanese language courses! – Charlie, Senior Staffing Manager 

My goal is to take this office to 1600 hours. I would like to move up in position and have 2 more branches under me by December. I also have a goal to save enough money to replace the windows in my house. – Ana, Branch Manager 

Honestly, I thought this would be harder but once I started thinking about how much I can get down and how much there is to get done they really started flowing! I really want to get our [LGC Hawaii] hours up. Get more clients and fill those orders! Continue to improve myself and my work ethic every day. Get a raise – our wedding is coming up and we are building a big fence (fence is more than the wedding lol).

Save more money!! LEARN TO BALANCE MY LIFE – I want to work hard, play hard, run errands, take care of my house, myself, and other relationships, have time to relax/decompress, journal every day, work out, get sleep, and be successful in work and personal life! – Lindsey, Branch Manager 

Professional: Help 2 more branches join the 1k club! Personal: Check in with friends more often. – Kelsey, Regional Operations Manager 

My personal goal is to continue to lose weight so I can better my health (diabetes). My professional goal is to keep learning anything and everything I can so I can better myself here at LGC. – Michael, Payroll Supervisor 

Business: I am looking to secure at least one promotion and pay increase at LGC before the year’s end. I want to get the Pittsburgh office on track to consistently achieve over 1k hours per week. Personal: I’d like to attempt to make a terrine de campagne, or pate. Also, I want to perfect my baguette baking skills. I’d also like to go hiking and explore a state/national park. – Ryan, Staffing Manager 

It’s important to me to help LGC grow, help myself grow personally and professionally as well as to give back to others what has been given to me here. Build managers confidence to succeed, become a talent builder, help other managers strive to reach their outcomes. – Brandy, Regional VP 

As Friday will mark the 1st day in the new office in Birmingham, while in a Regus space, my end of the year goals are to continue to grow LGC Birmingham with a steadfast approach to servicing the client, offering additional staffing in suffering areas, strengthening banquets and landing Birmingham at 2k hours consistently by August. It’s been tough, being a one man show, but for LGC I am doing what it takes to ensure both the client and my superiors are proud. – Derrick, Assistant Branch Manager 

I have always struggled with people pleasing at the expense of my own peace of mind and comfort from time to time. For the rest of 2022 I’m committing to saying “no” when I want or need to, and speaking plainly and truthfully as to why I must say no. It’s painful for me to feel I am disappointing people, but that comes at a cost I personally pay. The older I get the more I realize this. – Brittany, Executive VP Client Relations + Member 

I’d love to take a vacation before the end of the year that way I have the opportunity to relax and recharge. – Cat, Assistant Director of Marketing 

We hope you enjoyed learning about Team LGC’s Second Half of the New Year goals!