The holidays are fast approaching; a season full of quality time, festivities, and spending. While the holidays are a great time for togetherness and celebration, they are also a time for financial strain. With so many gifts to get and so little time to get them, one can feel buried by the stress of spending so much money in such a short period of time. Well fear not, for this fall, we’ve got a few different side hustles that can make you some extra cash for this upcoming holiday season. So, grab a blanket, a warm drink, and keep reading to see how easy it can be for you to earn extra spending money.  

4 Great Side Hustles to Try in Fall to Save Money for the Holidays  

Freelance work is in incredible demand in today’s gig economy. As a freelancer, you do contract work for different companies and organizations, typically a few at the same time (or however many your schedule/interest allows for). Freelance projects are often short-term, and income is earned per project completed.  

Most freelance jobs can be completed virtually, which means that the most in-demand jobs are those that require regular computer access and are web-based. The most common kind of freelance work that is available is writing. Copywriting, free writing, and blogging are the most highly sought after freelancing jobs. Writing also lends itself to personal work, as you can write about whatever you are passionate about and can post it on your own schedule.  

Web and graphic design are also popular jobs, as they require little supervision and can be done on a rolling basis. Photography is another common freelance position, with companies often needing photos taken in a different location than where they are based. If you have a passion for taking your own photos, then create a website to post them on and watch the cash start rolling in. 

If you have a hobby you are passionate about or a talent that you enjoy showcasing, odds are there is a freelance position out there for you. Freelancing is a great side hustle that allows you to take on projects you find interesting, manage your own schedule, and make money in a way you find rewarding.  

Sell unwanted items 

Do you have a pile of things you’ve been waiting to find the right home for? Or maybe you have a few boxes of old items tucked away somewhere. If you’re looking for an easy side hustle that earns you some extra money that doesn’t require buying anything new, then this is a great solution – especially because there are many ways to sell your unwanted items.  

A common way people sell their unwanted items is through a garage sale. Garage sales can be done at any point throughout the year. A great way to encourage foot traffic is by telling your friends to stop by and spread the word to others they know. (Word of mouth is the best way to get a referral!) Making signs to put up around your neighborhood is another way to bring in foot traffic.  

If you don’t have the real estate to host a garage sale, then consider listing your items on online marketplaces. There are dozens of apps that offer you a way to sell your unwanted items virtually. Just take a few pictures of the item, choose the price you want to list it for, and then watch the offers come rolling in. The only caveat to this method of selling is that you may incur shipping costs, depending on the platform you use. Other than that, this side hustle is as easy as it’s ever been. 

Rent out unused spaces 

Though the travel industry stalled for a couple of years, people are back to taking trips. This means that people need places to stay, and if you have an unused room in your house, you may want to consider renting it out to travelers. Similarly, if you are a frequent traveler, consider renting out your home while you’re on the road.  

If you have a guest room that is often empty or if you yourself are traveling a lot, renting out your space while it’s empty is a great side hustle to make some extra cash this fall. The most popular platforms are used to rent out whole homes, but there are others that allow you to rent out just one room in your house. Doing this allows you to earn some passive income and to avoid having to find a full-time roommate.  

If renting out a room or your house isn’t your speed, you can also rent out your car while you’re not using it. Though it’s a relatively new approach to car rentals, many platforms have been created that allow you to rent out your car for a set amount of time to a visitor. You can dictate when your car will be available, and insurance is often included when you sign up. Why let your car sit when it can be earning you money? 

The ultimate side hustle 

Of course, there is one side hustle that anyone can do at any time. A gig that always fits your needs and gives you the best experience possible. Wondering what side hustle could be this perfect? It’s working with LGC! LGC offers positions in a variety of industries year-round. Our clients are always looking for new talent to fill temporary or permanent positions.  

If you’re in need of some cash before this holiday season, LGC is the perfect side hustle to take on. Choosing LGC means getting flexibility and freedom in which shifts you choose to work and allows you to make your own decisions about your professional life. Whether you work with LGC for a day, a week, or a month, we want you to have the best experience possible. Contact us today to get that holiday spending covered.