If there’s one soft skill foodservice workers need, it’s friendliness – because you’re a crucial part of ensuring guests have a great experience.

More than just a way to score a meal they don’t have to cook themselves, eating out is an activity many people really enjoy. Whether they’re looking for a quick bite at a sports venue or in pursuit of a favorite dish at their country club, the experience goes far beyond the food.

As a food service employee, you’re on the front line of customer service. Whether you’re greeting people and seating them at a table, waiting on them or simply taking their order at a takeaway window, you’re part of their dining experience.

You have the power to make or break a customer’s day, so take full advantage of it. Whether you clock in at the beginning of your shift in a great mood or one that’s less-than-stellar, you’re sure to leave feeling great when you’ve spent your day being kind to others. Here’s a few reasons that the one soft skill foodservice workers need is friendliness:

One Soft Skill Foodservice Workers Need and Three Reasons Why It’s so Important

Create an outstanding customer experience

Bad service can put a terrible taste in a customer’s mouth. Make it your mission to provide every patron you serve with a great experience that perfectly complements their outstanding meal. Make recommendations, refill drinks without asking and listen carefully to every order — all with a smile on your face.

Encourage repeat business

When people dine out, they have plenty of eateries to choose from, so they’re going to opt for a place with great food and service to match. Customers come into your establishment for a variety of reasons — great food, convenience, trying something new — but friendly service keeps them coming back.

Earn better tips

As a food service worker, tips are likely a huge part of your income. Of course, you won’t be earning many if you’re rude to customers and provide them with terrible service. If nothing else can motivate you to be friendly, get enthused with visions of the balance in your bank account rising.