In April 2019, LGC acquired 13 markets from NextCrewincluding thousands of job seekers and dozens of clients across the country. With the addition of this business we launched LGC Now, a staffing engagement tool focused on filling hospitality shifts in the gig economy

LGC Now, our staffing engagement tool

In the past 6 months the LGC Now team has been focused on training LGC employees in our local offices on how to use NextCrew’s software that pilots LGC Now. NextCrew is a technology platform focused on redeploying and engaging workers. By introducing this staffing engagement tool into day-to-day operations at our local offices, many time-consuming activities associated with staffing are minimized. These include order placement and fulfillment, contacting workers for shifts, entering timesheets, and more.   

Where we are today 

Recently the following LGC markets went live with the new software, bringing us to 32 trained offices: 

Wichita, KS
Kansas City, MO
Nashville, TN 
Louisville, KY
Pittsburgh, PA 

LGC Now will also better our managers work life integration by removing many of the manual tasks associated with daily operations. We’re proud to bring flexible employment and on demand hospitality professionals to these cities and look forward to partnering with job seekers and clients who want a great staffing experience. 

To get started with LGC Now as a job seeker, click here to apply. To chat with our team about our staffing solutions and how they can work you, click here to contact us