LGC is so excited to be in attendance for Staffing World 2019!

Staffing World 2019

The American Staffing Association’s annual conference, Staffing World 2019is being held next week from October 15-17 in Las Vegas. This event brings together dozens of experts from around the country and promises “an immersive convention experience unlike any before it in the staffing industry.” This year we’ll have LGC managers Erin and Jaime on-site to experience everything Staffing World has to offer. In this post, we’ll cover some of the reasons we’re excited to attend this event.  

Diverse and informative sessions 

Our schedule will be packed with various panels and sessions covering topics ranging from building brand confidence to employment law and everything in-between. We’ll come away with some great information and tips to follow through the rest of the year and into 2020. Read a full list of the sessions here 

Meeting industry experts  

This year there are over 60 speakers with diverse backgrounds and experience in the staffing industry. We always look forward to meeting like-minded individuals focused on growing and improving their business. There are also more than 170 suppliers ready to talk about what they bring to the table.  

Joining in on “Tech Wednesday” 

This is the first year Staffing World is holding Tech Wednesday, which “feature[s] a day dedicated to technology solutions for staffing companies.” We’re looking forward to visiting the Tech Park and talking about our recently launched staffing solution, LGC Now.  

Visiting the city of sin 

This year’s conference is held at the world-renowned MGM Las Vegas located on the strip. While we’re here for Staffing World, we may be able to sneak in a little fun while visiting one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.  

If you’re attending Staffing World 2019, the LGC team would love to connect and talk about some of the exciting things we have going on this year, like our recently launched staffing solution utilizing mobile technology. Email us at info@lgcassociates.com to set up a time to meet.