We’re so excited to continue our celebration of LGC Week! ICYMI: LGC commemorates our 20th anniversary this May, so we’ve dedicated a week (May 22nd-26th) to celebrating everything LGC. We often get asked, “what does LGC stand for?” And while it’s not actually a secret, we know people want to know what the acronym LGC stands for. Ready to find out?  

What does LGC stand for? 

LGC was founded in May 2003 by our CEO George Lessmeister. He wanted to bring professional staffing services to the hospitality industry, something no one had done before. Shortly after he came up with the concept, Glen Greenawalt joined as co-founder to help launch LGC and grow the brand. (You can learn more about George and Glen here.) Twenty years later and LGC operates in 45+ cities and has been recognized twice by Forbes as one of America’s Best Temp Staffing Firms.  

Now, for the big reveal. What does LGC stand for? It stands for Lessmeister Greenawalt Company. The “L” and the “G” represent the last names of our founders, George and Glen. Over the years we’ve had people speculate what it could stand for. And on April Fool’s Day this year we pranked our social media audience by telling them LGC stood for Let’s Get Crazy. But it’s much simpler than that and allows us to represent the two incredible, business savvy staffing professionals who have led LGC the past twenty years.  

Though we’ve kept the same name since our founding, LGC has gone through a few transformations. Over the last several years we’ve modernized our logo and recently we completely redesigned our website. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think! 


LGC helps job seekers find flexible opportunities and provides employers with great staff nationwide. Let us help you reach your goals – contact us today.