What is LGC, and what do we do to support job seekers and businesses nationwide?

This year, LGC celebrates our 17th anniversary in the hospitality staffing space. We’re proud to be the go-to solution for job seekers and businesses who need assistance supplementing their workforce or income. In this post, we’re sharing a couple fun facts about our organization so you can learn more about LGC and our team.

What is LGC?

1. Our longest working employee has been with LGC for 16 years. 
Besides LGC’s founders George Lessmeister and Glen GreenawaltTracy has been working with us since September 2004, celebrating her 16-year anniversary in just a couple weeks! As the Director of Payroll Operations, Tracy is integral to our team and has been one of the pillars in our success over almost two decades.  

2. The LGC logo was created by our founders’ son.
When we were founded, the original LGC logo was designed by George’s young son. Because family is so important to our team, this was a great way to incorporate that aspect into our brand. Since then, the logo has been updated to be streamlined and simple, but we still break out the original logo and dress him up for special occasions.


3. We’re located in 37 cities across the country.
When we were founded in 2003, LGC was operating solely in Indianapolis. Less than two years later, we opened our second location in Louisville, KY. The rest, they say, is history. From Seattle to Miami and everything in between, LGC has you covered.  

Click here to view a full list of locations.  

4. Internal growth is a top priority.
One of the reasons we’re able to have great retention on our internal team is because we prioritize employee growth. Most of our leadership team has worked their way up through the LGC ranks and continues to foster an environment where team members can develop their skills through mentorship, or cross train in a different department (if the opportunity arises). Part of our mission is to build diverse leaders, and we’re committed to doing just that.  

5. The idea to start LGC came to George in 2001. 
In 2001, CEO and co-founder George Lessmeister was planning to begin writing the LGC Operations Manual while he was on lunch break at his previous job. He knew that there was an opportunity to bring high caliber staffing to the hospitality world, and was eager to make his dream a reality. Two years later, Glen Greenawalt joined as co-founder and helped build the LGC we know today. 

6. Speaking of first clients…
LGC’s first client was a major hotel in our headquarter city, Indianapolis – three banquet servers assigned to work pre-Indy 500 Lunch in May 2003. 17 years later, George still remembers their names.