Have you ever started a new job and have no clue what to wear? Dress codes have changed over the years. Some workplaces are casual while others are formal. And what is office wear? No matter what your workplace uses, it’s important to always look your best. When you look good, you feel good! Here are five of the most common dress codes in the workplace.

What is Office Wear?

Everyone’s favorite, casual is pretty self-explanatory. You’re allowed to wear jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, open toed shoes. Think about what you would wear to run errands or watch a sporting event. You do want to stay away from short shorts, low-cut shirts, and tight clothing. Some workplaces allow for casual Fridays or make this the regular dress code.

Business Casual

Business casual is a step up from casual but a step down from business professional. When in doubt, always go for business casual. You don’t need to wear a full suit, but you will want to wear slacks, a collared shirt, closed toed shoes, a blouse, etc. Think of what you would wear to a nice dinner. 

Business professional

You hear this term a lot. It is the most common in professional workplaces. It is similar to business casual but a little dressier. You will want to wear a pantsuit, shirt and tie, and dress shoes.

Business formal

This is the fanciest of them all. Business formal is for special occasions. A reason for a business formal attire might be for a very special business meeting or work dinner/party. You will want to wear a full suit or a formal dress or skirt.  


Some jobs require you to wear a uniform to work. Even if you’re not working at an office, it’s important to put care into what you wear. You want to make sure your uniform fits you comfortably. Your uniform should be clean and ironed properly. You want to make sure you have all the items that go with your uniform. Hat, jacket, shirt, pant, shoes.  

Here at LGC, we stay pretty casual. We do get dressed up for meetings with clients or if we are going to a business event. We have a lot of LGC swag that you will see people wear. If there is any special holiday or fun theme, we go all out. Now that you can answer “what is office wear?” you’re ready to find your next great opportunity!