Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: what restaurant jobs pay weekly?  

Working at a restaurant can provide employees with several advantages. For one, hospitality businesses around the country are hiring right now. Two, working at a restaurant can give you great experience and the opportunity to make quick cash if you’re receiving tips. But before landing a job at a restaurant, you should first decide if you can wait to be paid every other week which is traditional at most restaurants. If not, you might be asking yourself, “what restaurant jobs pay weekly?” 

What Restaurant Jobs Pay Weekly?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what restaurant jobs pay weekly. They may mention the pay schedule in their job postings, but it’s not realistic to go through each one to find out who pays on a weekly basis. If you’re looking for a job in the hospitality or foodservice industry that pays weekly, consider LGC.  

One Option for Weekly Pay

Currently LGC operates in more than 40 cities nationwide. We offer temporary employment to job seekers who want flexible work opportunities, and permanent employment for those looking to grow their careers. We specialize in the hospitality industry but have branched out to include positions in a variety of industries. Besides the flexibility we offer, LGC employees benefit by getting paid weekly.  

If you’re looking for what restaurant jobs pay weekly, consider working with a staffing partner that offers hospitality shifts and weekly pay. This can accomplish your goal of receiving a weekly paycheck while working in the industry of your choosing. We touched on a few of the reasons LGC employees like working with us, including flexibility and weekly pay, but let’s look at a few more:  

  • Work with a variety of clients. LGC partners with a diverse group of clients in multiple industries. You may learn about a job that interests you that you didn’t know about before.  
  • Meet new people and grow your network. In March, we conducted a poll of our gig workers asking their feedback on working with LGC. Several mentioned enjoying the opportunity to work alongside likeminded professionals. One person in particular said, “I’ve been given opportunities to work with so many great people, with some of them sharing their knowledge, which I was able to use and pass along to others on the job as well as outside of the workplace.”  
  • Take a step towards a new career. As previously mentioned, LGC has a permanent placement division where we help restaurant leaders and other upper management professionals find full-time employment. By joining our team, you may be taking the next step in your career.  

If you’re looking for what restaurants pay weekly, it might take some time as you sift through job advertisements. For some variety, flexibility, AND weekly pay, reach out to LGC – we’re hiring!