2023 marks LGC’s 20th year in business – how exciting is that?! LGC first started back in 2003 and was founded by George Lessmeister and Glen Greenawalt. After years of hard work and dedication, LGC now has offices all around the United States and has made a huge impact on many people.

Our Team’s Favorite Memories with LGC

We asked some of our internal team what one of their favorite memories with LGC was. Here’s what they had to say:

Cat’s favorite memory is in November of 2021. “I was invited to go to Las Vegas for manager training. Tiffany and I were going to do a marketing presentation. This was the first time I was able to meet LGC employees from other offices (besides Indy). In addition to the trip being really helpful from a professional standpoint, I will never forget the memories and friendships I made in those few days. Plus, as a team outing we went to a Vegas Golden Knights game. I’m a huge hockey fan and I was really excited to go to a stadium I’ve never been to before. I’ll never forget that trip!”

Carson remembers a funny mix up before he started at LGC. “A funny memory of LGC, when I was trying to get into recruiting, I had accidentally messaged Terra Gallagher (current LGC employee) on Linkedin when I meant to message a different Terra G that worked for my previous company. I guess it worked out!”

Jennifer has a few memories she will never forget at LGC. She remembers her first sale she ever completed: “My first account that I landed was the City Center Hotel, I became such good friends with the housekeeping exec, that we ended up servicing him at 3 other locations as he moved properties!” Jennifer is most proud of landing the account at Busch Stadium for the STL Cardinals, the sale took her 3 years to get in! Lastly, LGC has given her many friendships. “The friendships and family I have gained at LGC has been amazing.”

Jeremy remembers his first day on the job. “My first day. I drove 104 miles to go to work from a little town called Williamsburg, KY to the Lexington, KY LGC office. I absolutely did not know anything about staffing, none of the terminology, abbreviations, or anything. I had a great first day & asked questions the whole time. We were gearing up for Rolex & Keeneland so we needed as many people as we could. Afterwards I drove back home ready to do it again. The best decision in my life short of proposing to my wife was starting this job”.  Awwwwww!

Allyson had a great experience at the annual Perm meeting. “We got to go to the Space Needle! It was a lovely evening, and we had so much fun! We learned valuable skills and tools and were able to bond with our team. It was my first time meeting most of them in person. We were all so grateful to LGC for such an amazing experience”.

Monica cherishes the friendships she’s made while at LGC. “I have met so many talented individuals and have been blessed to become a trainer on the permanent side!  My wall in my office has a picture collage (I love taking pictures) and many are from LGC!!! We have pictures of birthday parties in St Louis, and many pictures of all the travels I’ve done for training and places like the National Restaurant Association show — will always have the memories”.

Tena remembers the hard work and dedication it took to accomplish her dreams. “I was super excited on my first day and walked into an office in Houston, TX a little bit bigger than the size of my closet at home. We had 3 of us in that Regus space/office and producing a little over 300 hours per week. That day I vowed to grow and develop our way OUT OF THAT TINY SPACE. I told my team; we have BIG dreams and this office is too small to handle our dreams! We were out of there within the year into a bigger office with an interview room, front reception area, private office and a HUGE bull pen! WE filled those walls with white boards all around us! We celebrated 68% immediate growth which led me to receive the Presidents Club award for that year. I was truly honored and proud of our team”.

Brandy reminisces on her first manager training. “My favorite LGC story is my first Manager training I was involved in Atlanta, GA. It was so rewarding to give back to managers and teach them the ropes of what it takes to be staffing manager. The Area Manager meeting in Indy a few years ago was probably the best when I finally told my story of how my old boss had told me I would never go anywhere and make the money I made at that job when I turned in my notice to leave. Boy I wish he could see me now!! It touched a lot of people who reached out afterwards for advice and how to overcome things. I have participated in many staffing manager trainings since then and have moved on to rolling out the Outcomes program and CANI training. This has been the most rewarding gift to be able to serve others and help them through their growth here at LGC.”

Kim remembers her first day she walked through LGC’s doors. “I reported to work ready to start a new beginning at LGC, I had big dreams and aspirations of what I could become. I was sold on LGC right away and was so excited for the opportunity given to me to pave my path and grow the Indianapolis market. The money offered at the time was a different story, but I was told the sky’s the limit and I was up for the challenge to prove myself and my value. However, day one didn’t end the way I had hoped. My day began with a stack of files as tall as me, and Glen saying ‘enter these into coats.’ My computer skills weren’t the best and I thought to myself, data entry isn’t my strong suit, but ok let’s go. I did that for about 4 hours and then [an executive] looked at me and said, ‘all right you are done for the day.’ I was a bit confused as it was day 1 and Monday, I said see you tomorrow then at 8am?? She said ‘umm no, we are really slow and I don’t think I need you the rest of the week. Call me next week and I can see what I have for you.’ I show up at home around 12:30 and [my husband] says ‘ohh you came home for lunch?’ Nope I am done for the day and the week……  However, my first day and long week off didn’t deter me from following my heart and knowing I could make an impact. I called first thing the next Monday and George answered the phone….. He said ‘where are you?’ and I said waiting to come back and start my new legacy with you and LGC! He said ‘see you tomorrow’ and I never looked back!!!  My journey began and I was so happy it did”.

Kelsie will never forget the funny memory she made shortly after she was hired. “I was filming a TikTok in Rachel’s office one day with Cat. I came across this little, normal office gadget. To be honest, I thought it was a weird highlighter or tape dispenser, I had never seen one before. It had a little “trigger” on it and I pulled it and BOOM! Red goo went underneath Rachel’s desk and the awful smell started roaming her office. Cat and I looked at each other, quickly put the “gadget” down, and headed out quickly. We returned to our workspace and were in disbelief at what had happened. Minutes later, everyone in the back office started coughing. Cat reassured me that we were fine, and everything would be okay! A few days pass and I get called into an office with HR. HR and another coworker tell me they need to discuss a serious matter, I’m like okay, what’s up? She puts the “gadget” on the desk and says, “We would like to hear your story.” I’M SWEATING NOW. I simply explain what happened, instantly apologize and they go through telling me how serious what I did was, how they had to call in people to the office to pinpoint what the smell was, and if it was toxic to everyone since so many people were coughing that day. Minutes pass, which felt like hours then they all crack a smile and yell, “GOT YA!” then walk in with my director, my VP, and my other boss all laughing. We all laugh about it now, but the moral of the story is to stay out of Rachel’s office”.

Njeri loves all the friends she has made at LGC. “My favorite memory or thing I love about working for LGC would be the many friends that I have met over the years. I think the relationships were built from having to work hard together and having each other’s backs at LGC. The support you get from the people you work with is amazing”.

These are just a few stories of the impact, memories and friendships LGC has given to many people. LGC is not just a place to work but a place to grow, learn, and inspire. Come write your own story with LGC!