Today, May 22nd, kicks off our first ever LGC week! We often get asked ‘who owns LGC?’ Meet our owners and learn what LGC week is below.  

What is LGC week? 

This May, LGC celebrates our 20th anniversary. We’re so honored to have spent two decades in the staffing industry connecting job seekers with the employers who need them. Though we’d love to celebrate during the entire month of May, we figured it would be a bit more practical to choose one week to go all out. LGC week is going to be held annually in the last full week of May. This year it’s from May 22nd-May 26th. Keep an eye on our social media channels (@LGCstaffing) to stay up to date on everything going on during LGC Week.  

Who owns LGC? 

LGC has two owners – George Lessmeister and Glen Greenawalt. Prior to founding LGC, George was an experienced staffing leader focusing on sales, while Glen was an executive recruiter quickly moving up the ranks. Because you can read more about their professional experience on our website (in the leadership section), we wanted to share some less well-known facts about them so you can get to know them better.  

Meet George 

Favorite animal: Buffalo
Favorite season: Summer
Death row meal: Meatballs & Rice
Ultimate event for LGC to staff: Game #4 of the 2016 World Series – LGC Chicago Branch staffed some concessions stands at Wrigley Field. Our company staffed a World Series game at Wrigley Field. How cool is that?
Reflect on early days at LGC: Each day presented a different challenge, but nary a doubt existed whether LGC would become successful or not. A consistent approach was implemented each day with the stated outcome of assigning our staff to existing & new clients. I figured each day LGC was in business further cemented the company & concept within the Indianapolis community. It could not fail.
One of your favorite memories with Glen: In 2004 a client paid us in cash, and we used to buy fireworks for Fourth of July. 

Meet Glen 

Favorite animal: Dogs because they are always happy to see you. If you walk out to get the mail and are gone for 4 minutes, they will greet you at the door as if they haven’t seen you for months.
Favorite season: I love the Fall! College football, bonfires, grilling outdoors, wineries, live music and great weather.
Death row meal: Medium rare ribeye, a salad drenched in dressing that has more croutons and cheese than lettuce, fries and cheesecake.
Ultimate event for LGC to staff: A Formula 1 race in Europe.
Reflect on early days at LGC: The entire first 18 months of starting up LGC with George is packed with amazing memories. We weren’t paying ourselves, had no money, funded our lifestyles with credit cards and were working 6-7 days a week. Despite all of those things we were energized. We laughed often despite the challenges and had a blast.
One of your favorite memories with George: We went to see the Colts/Payton Manning play and win a playoff game inside the old RCA Dome in Indianapolis. The energy was intense and the experience was unforgettable. 

Now that you know who owns LGC, feel free to get to know us more by checking out our new website or finding us on social media. We can be found everywhere by searching @LGCstaffing (except Facebook where we’re @LGChospitality.)