LGC is full of people who have different backgrounds and experiences. That’s why we understand why awareness is important, especially in the workplace.

Happy November! Besides being home to Thanksgiving, do you know what else this November is? It’s Diabetes Awareness Month! Throughout the year, each month represents a different cause related to health and wellness to show why awareness is important. The goal of the awareness months is to share information that educates your community and those around you.  

How LGC Spreads Awareness and Why Awareness is Important

Earlier this year, LGC started monthly campaigns that help educate and inform people internally and through social media. The first campaign began in September by highlighting Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Through informative graphics, we were able to educate both the LGC team and our followers about the importance of suicide prevention.  

We found that our followers showed high engagement rates and were saving and sharing the content – meaning they found it impactful. By highlighting various causes throughout the year, LGC can positively contribute to spreading awareness.  

Besides sharing important information, companies benefit by spreading awareness in several ways. One way is by showing that you’re invested in their personal lives. Health and wellness play such a huge part in our overall happiness (especially after the last couple of years) – so caring about employees’ health reinforces that they’re not just a cog in the machine.  

Not only that, but employees who have been personally impacted by the cause will likely be more engaged. And more engaged employees lead to a more successful business. 

Here’s how it works at LGC. At the beginning of each month, our marketing team has a process they follow. We start by identifying and researching the specific cause. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we create a graphic that we share across our social media channels. We have also created a special graphic for employees to add to their email signatures to help continue spreading awareness.

Here are a few of the visuals we’ve made the last couple of months: 

Sharing this vital information can have a direct impact on people’s personal lives. But not only that, it allows your business to build a community and reach a different targeted audience. Here are some tips for other companies who want to create their own awareness campaigns: 

  • Do your research! It’s crucial to fully understand the cause you’re spreading awareness about that way you can educate others. 
  • Look into spreading awareness through social media, using trendy hashtags to make sure your posts are reaching the correct audience. 
  • Get people throughout your company involved – the more the merrier! 

As mentioned above, one way LGC spreads awareness is through our email signatures. Each email an employee sends outside our organization spreads awareness. And it may encourage someone to conduct their own research – that’s why we started this initiative.

November’s Cause

Kelsie Gibson, Social Media Specialist at LGC, has a personal connection to the cause we’re highlighting in November, Diabetes Awareness Month. Here’s what she had to say about the initiative: 

“I was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2012 at 17 years old. LGC spreading awareness on something that affects me daily means so much. It’s a disease many people are uneducated about or misinformed about. Spreading awareness about the different types of diabetes not only educates people but also helps put an end to stereotypical stigmas that are out there.  

Acknowledging this also helps my coworkers gain a deeper understanding of what I go through and what others go through. Diabetes is so much more than the jokes people make about indulging in too much sugar. Let’s do our part, spread awareness, educate people, and help find a cure for diabetes.”

We know why awareness is important, because it helps spread information and ensure none of us feel like we’re dealing with things alone. If you were inspired by how LGC spreads awareness and implement your own campaign, we’d love to see it!