You’ve been interviewing for a hotel position and you just received a job offer. First of all, congratulations! Second of all, it’s time to think of questions to ask before working at a hotel.

No doubt about it, plenty of people applied for that job, but you’re the one the hotel wants. It’s a great honor to be offered competitive hotel jobs, but things just got real.

Before accepting the position, you need answers to a few key questions. During the interview process, you shied away from queries regarding salary, benefits and work hours, but if you haven’t already been given this information, now is the time to ask. It’s also important to dig deeper with a few thought-provoking questions that will provide a well-rounded view of the job. Here are a few questions to ask before working at a hotel so you know you’re accepting the right job.

4 Questions to Ask Before Working at a Hotel

How would you describe the culture here?

Cultural fit is crucial to job satisfaction. You might enjoy all the responsibilities associated with your hotel job, but if the culture is a poor match, you’ll be miserable. Company culture is essentially the hotel’s personality — i.e., mission, values, ethics — so this response will offer telling insights on the work environment.

Why is this position open?

It’s always wise to find out why the job is on the market. For example, you might learn its previous occupant was promoted or perhaps they quit. If the latter, try to find out how long they were employed by the organization and the reason they chose to leave. This information can help you decide if the hotel is a place you want to work.

Does the position provide opportunities for advancement?

The job you’ve been offered is a great one — i.e., housekeeper, front desk clerk — but you’re a hard-working person who doesn’t plan to be in this particular role forever. You know you’re a fantastic employee, so you want to find a job where your efforts will pay off in the form of upward mobility. Someone like you should never accept a dead-end job. This is one of the most important questions to ask before working at a hotel.

What does training involve?

Every job has a learning curve, so you need to make sure the hotel has your back. You plan to give this job your all, but you won’t be able to achieve your potential if you receive subpar training. Getting the details on training now ensures you won’t be left to your own devices as soon as you’re in uniform.

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