Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: the importance of a great recruitment strategy.  

One Secret to Building a Great Recruitment Strategy

Most managers will agree that when meeting a candidate, first impressions are important. Professional appearance, timeliness, and personality traits are all factors considered when making a hiring decision. On the other hand, first impressions matter to the job seeker as well – and this may start as early as the job advertisement. When considering how to create a great recruitment strategy, there’s one aspect you might not have considered before. 

First impressions matter 

According to an article by The Houston Chronicle, “managers who don’t have a detailed recruitment process in place can get caught in a cycle of hiring workers who aren’t service-oriented, and those workers may stay at a restaurant just long enough to find another job.” By having a detailed recruitment process and providing an accurate job description, it will be easier to attract job seekers that understand what your business needs and who the ideal candidate is.  

We recommend creating consistent and transparent advertisements that rely on facts, rather than painting an unrealistic picture for the sake of attracting a great candidate when building a great recruitment strategy.

Additionally, if you don’t have a team member dedicated to recruiting and hiring, we suggest getting one. Another option is to work with a staffing firm who can help provide great candidates. For instance, LGC has an entire team dedicated to sourcing and recruiting, whether candidates are at a crew (think servers, cooks, etc) or managerial level. One of the benefits of utilizing the LGC recruiting team is the consistency with creating ad copy, and clear communication of what workers we’re looking for. Our team is careful to pay attention to the little things that matter, so once the candidate gets to you, we know they’re a great fit.  

Try hiring the LGC way by speaking with one of our reps today! 


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