Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, thousands of bars and restaurants have been forced to temporarily shut down dine-in service in order to maintain the health and safety of their patrons. Although many businesses have continued to offer takeout and delivery services, sales have taken a huge hit –– not to mention the staff. Working in the hospitality space, we understand how uncertain these times are, which is why we launched Payrolling.  

Payrolling is a solution that offers clients a short-term payroll bridge to cover costs during limited operations. Similarly, Payrolling can be used to assist businesses facing higher demand, like essential retail storesBy allowing LGC to Payroll clients’ staff, LGC becomes the employer of record for: 

  • FUTA/SUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax and State Unemployment Tax) 
  • Insurance 
  • Workers compensation 
  • Risk management 

Our goal is to provide financial assistance to restaurants, caterers, and more who can’t justify payroll at this timeThis solution is ideal for clients who need to bring back employees prior to their revenue being able to fully support the expense. Because there’s no timeline for the shutdown, clients can remove employees from Payrolling whenever they’d like.  

LGC’s main objective is to make sure our clients feel supported in any way we can, especially during the pandemic. We know that once operations are back to normal, the hospitality industry will be stronger than ever.  

To learn about Payrolling, contact your local LGC office.