Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: five fun hospitality events to work before the end of summer.  

Sometimes “working” and “fun” don’t always go well together, especially when we’re during the summer. But because LGC works with such a wide array of clients across the country, we’ve been fortunate to offer fun hospitality events at unique shifts and memorable venues that can be fun for our workforce. Besides adding a little excitement to your day, LGC employees like the opportunity to learn new skills when working at various venues. Here’s what one employee had to say about their experience with us during a recent poll: “Having worked with LGC a while, I have learned different skills at various job locations and have met a lot of great people.” 

Though Fall doesn’t start until September 22nd, that means there’s less than two months left to squeeze in a few fun summer-y shifts. Here are five fun hospitality events to work before the end of summer:  

5 Fun Hospitality Events to Work Before the End of Summer
Golf/Tennis Tournaments 

Large scale tournaments bring together athletes and fans from around the country (and sometimes the world!) to show off their impressive skills. Most tournaments take place at famed tennis arenas or sprawling golf courses, meaning there’s plenty to see. Plus, they typically last for several days meaning you have more than one opportunity to make money.  

Professional Sports Games 

Pre-season, regular season, post-season, oh my! Throughout the summer months, there’s plenty of sports-related shifts for the fans out there. You may even get a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite stadium.  

Lavish Weddings 

Who doesn’t love a front row ticket to a lavish wedding at a beautiful venue? (And you don’t even need to buy the couple a gift!) September is one of the busiest months for weddings, so you can expect to see multiple opportunities to grab a shift and help the happy couple celebrate their special day.  

Beach/Country Clubs 

What a better way to spend a Saturday than to get paid to work at a country club? Enjoy the weather and some scenic views while making some extra cash. You might be missing the ability to work outdoors come winter-time.  

Outdoor Concerts 

Fresh air and good music? Sign us up!  

When most people hear “hospitality,” they may be thinking about hotels or restaurants. But in its definition, hospitality is about entertaining guests and creating a special experience. And we know that if you’re having fun at one of the above events, guests will have fun too.  

Looking for fun hospitality events to work this Summer (and throughout the rest of the year)? Let’s get you hired today! Contact LGC for more information.