Knowing ways to engage your team is a great opportunity to improve retention efforts and create more satisfied employees.

Being equipped with a passionate, dedicated team is one of the best ways to guarantee success for your business. Not only do employees generate revenue and help progress the company’s mission, but they also act as representatives of your brand. Investing in your team literally and figuratively will keep retention rates high and workers engaged. With the current hiring climate being so tight, retaining strong employees is necessary for growth. And one great way to retain is by finding ways to engage your team.

At LGC, we put great care into maintaining our team because we know they’re integral to the future of the company. Through various engagement techniques we aim to create a fun, supportive work environmentwhich in turn fosters employees committed to furthering the goal of the company.  

5 Ways to Engage Your Team and Improve Employee Retention

Here are a few ways to engage your team that works for LGC:

Career Advancement
Bonusly reports more than 70% of workers surveyed say they would leave their jobs to advance their careers. We’re big believers from promoting from within so employees can learn about different facets of the business while growing their career. (Check out more employee retention statistics from Bonusly here.) 

Monthly Newsletter
On the last Friday of every month we send out The Staffer, a newsletter geared towards sharing exciting company news, celebrating promotions, birthdays, and anniversaries, and highlighting relevant industry information.  

Spirit Day
The person who correctly answers a riddle in The Staffer gets to choose the theme of our monthly Spirit Day. This is a fun way for the team to relax and get their colleagues involved in something they like. Recent themes have included western, Disney, and band shirts.  

Birthday Celebrations
Who doesn’t love cake and candles for their birthday?  

Volunteer Day
All team members are given two paid days off each year to spend volunteering with an organization or charity of their choice. Not only is this a great way to give back to the community, but it shows LGC cares about employee’s interests outside the office.  

Employee retention is necessary for maintaining company morale, keeping costs down, and finding the next leaders of your organization. Finding ways to engage your team that are simple yet effective will ultimately lead to lower turnover and increased satisfaction across the business. 


About LGC
Since 2003 LGC has been building connections between businesses with staffing needs and job seekers looking for new opportunities. Our range of solutions include temporary and permanent placements (and everything in between) in a variety of industries. With offices located nationwide, we can tap into a dynamic pool of talented professionals. We have a passion for creating partnerships that last and work hard every day to ensure both clients and candidates reach their employment goals.