Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: three advantages of flexible employment.   

Advantages of Flexible Employment

In the past few years, flexible employment has become one of the most in-demand traits for job seekers. For many, the nine-to-five, or any rigid scheduling for that matter, has become outdated and inconvenient for those hoping to maintain a good work life balance. In fact, a survey conducted by FlexJobs shows 84% of working parents said work flexibility is the most important factor when choosing a job. A report by the National Study of the Changing Workforce shows “63% of all [hospitality, restaurant, and tourism] employees feel they don’t have enough time for themselves” due to their work schedule.  

With unemployment under 4%, the competition for finding great talent is fierce. Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s obvious that flexibility is important in order to attract and retain the current workforce. Thankfully, if you play in the gig economy space, a flexible schedule is not only possible — it’s encouraged.  

At LGC, we offer flexible employment opportunities that fit even the busiest schedules. Our ‘temp’ and ‘temp-to-hire’ solutions allow job seekers to choose when and where they want to work. Offering flex work has several benefits, such as:  

  • Expanding your talent pool. Flexible employment means more candidates have the time in their schedule to fill your position.  
  • Overall happier employees. If they’re able to strike a better work life balance, workers will be more satisfied with their jobs – which could lead to more referrals.  
  • Tap into the new workforce. According to a press release from Upwork, of the 57 million people freelancing, almost half (47%) are under 34 years old. Accessing this group is vital to recruiting as they make up a huge part of the workforce, and one of their main priorities is flexibility.  

By offering flexible employment, organizations will have more candidates to choose from when making hiring decisions, and have happier, more dedicated employees. If you’re a job seeker looking to make extra cash, visit our website to learn more about our employment opportunities.