When your team starts to grow, it can be really exciting! But it can also come with uncertainty. Here are 4 ways to avoid company culture shock.

Your company is growing rapidly and that’s very exciting! Clearly, you’re doing something very right that really resonates with people. Since business is booming, you’ve been hiring like crazy to keep pace, so new employees are constantly joining your team. From a business perspective, this growth is amazing, but it’s also a lot for long-term staffers to handle.

Many have probably been with your company since its early days, so adjusting to this rapidly changing culture can be a struggle. Follow these tips to help them avoid company culture shock and learn to embrace this new chapter.

4 Ways to Avoid Company Culture Shock as Your Team Grows
  1. Open the lines of communication

Change is most intimidating when people feel left in the dark, so meet with your team regularly to let them know what’s going on. Share your hiring goals, provide new employee start dates and help them see the big picture. Establish an open door policy, so employees feel comfortable coming to you with questions, comments and concerns about all the changes happening around them.

  1. Maintain key traditions

As your company grows, many aspects of your culture will evolve, but certain things should stay the same. At the heart of your expansion, you’re still the same company, so uphold favorite customs and rituals that make your team unique. For example, keep your Friday in-office happy hour alive and continue celebrating each staffer’s birthday. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

  1. Keep the team involved

In periods of growth, long-time employees often feel left out and unsure of their place in the company, so make a point not to let this happen. These people are passionate about your organization and they know it inside-and-out, so ask them to help write job descriptions, interview candidates and welcome new hires. It’s much easier to accept change when you feel like you’re part of it and will help avoid company culture shock.

  1. Be patient

Some people adapt to change easily, but others need a little extra time. Go easy on your employees as they acclimate to a new environment. Before long they’ll feel comfortable with the shift and excited for all the future has in store for your organization.