Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: bad hiring practices. 

The Impact of Bad Hiring Practices

Two of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry today are low unemployment and high turnover. Because of these common pain points, organizations feel the pressure of finding new candidates, often allowing bad hiring practices to slip in to their operations. Examples of poor hiring practices can include inconsistent or incorrect job advertisements, lowering standards, hiring non-service oriented employees, and more.  

Consistency is key

Falling victim to bad hiring practices is exactly what leads to high turnover rates. According to Nation’s Restaurant News“the average hourly employee turnover rate in foodservice is now 155 percent [and] annual turnover among managers is clocking in at 61 percent.” By not thoroughly vetting and interviewing candidates, managers may end up hiring someone who stays long enough to find another job – leading to high turnover and the need to constantly hire new employees.  

By creating a detailed and consistent hiring process your whole team is familiar with, finding and securing great candidates will be much easier. The quality of workers has a huge impact on how customers view your business, so putting care and consideration into the hiring process is worth it.  

The LGC way 

We understand the impact of hiring a candidate that doesn’t fit your organization perfectly. At LGC, we have recruitment team dedicated to sourcing and vetting top hospitality candidates from around the country. We offer several staffing solutions, from temporary to permanent placement, to take the heavy lifting out of hiring. With LGC, you won’t have to worry about bad hiring practices.  

Contact us today to learn about which staffing solution fits with your business – we can’t wait to meet you.