As a talented professional and a natural leader, you have the power to seriously influence your team. Working alongside dedicated, driven colleagues makes your shift more enjoyable, and allows the group as a whole to realize seriously impressive results. You’ve already earned the respect of your peers, so now it’s time to step up to the plate and become a role model among coworkers.

5 Ways to Become a Role Model Among Coworkers

Treat everyone with respect

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone on your team, but you do need to be kind to everyone. When you don’t see eye-to-eye with someone, simply respect their difference in opinion and move on — or find common ground if it’s a work matter. Inspire your team by showing them the importance of coming together and treating everyone with respect.

Take pride in your work

Become a role model among coworkers by always giving your work 100% effort. When people have exemplary results to work towards, they have a reason to keep pushing their limits. After all, it’s hard to care about your work when the person you admire most on the team doesn’t take any pride in their own performance.

Follow the rules

Sometimes workplace rules can be a drag, but they’re put in place for a good reason. Keep morale high by showing up for your shift on time, taking only approved breaks and not clocking out until you’ve been told to do so. As the team role model, no one wants to let you down, so if you lead by example, they’ll follow suit.

Focus on the positive

Every work day is met with challenges, but it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference. When the team is feeling discouraged about a mean customer or a new company policy no one likes, rally everyone together and concentrate on the good things about your jobs. Keep their spirits high by reminding them of all they have to be grateful for.

Create a strong sense of team

The team you work with can make you excited to start your shift each day or dread it, so use your sway to encourage the former. If you want to become a role model among coworkers, practice open communication, encourage creativity and create a supportive environment where people feel accepted and at ease with one another.