Will you be on the schedule Black Friday as a retail worker? If you answered “yes” (or even “maybe”), then you need to keep reading.

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching. Black Friday is known for its chaotic, frenzied crowds and big, storewide sales. Here at LGC, we regularly help staff stores that need extra Black Friday and holiday help. We want you to be prepared for anything working a Black Friday shift may throw your way. So, if you’re finding yourself wondering what you may need to survive this coming Black Friday as a retail worker, keep reading to see what necessities will make this your easiest shift yet.

How to Prepare for Black Friday as a Retail Worker

Comfortable shoes

Most of your Black Friday shift will be spent on your feet, so it’s important to wear your most comfortable shoes to work. Comfortable shoes make it easy to quickly move around the store and to be on your feet for long amounts of time. Black Friday as a retail worker is nothing if not unpredictable, and a good, comfortable pair of shoes will make sure you can react to anything at a moment’s notice.

Water bottle

Hydration is key to staying on top of your retail game. Drinking water is an important part of any shift, especially one as stressful as Black Friday. Water breaks also offer a brief pause from the chaos happening in the store. You likely already have a water bottle if you regularly work retail, but it’s important to remember it for working the largest shopping day of the year.

(Portable) phone charger

You won’t be able to spend much time on your phone on the floor, but you’ll want to check it during breaks. Since you may be rushed getting to the store so early in the morning, it’s possible your phone doesn’t get charged. In case of this, keeping a phone charger, either plug-in or portable, with you ensures you can enjoy your breaks without worrying about your phone being dead.


In addition to staying hydrated, eating is just as important. Stressful days can wear on your body, and it’s important to fuel yourself throughout the day to keep going. Snacks are great to eat during your shift breaks. Bringing snacks for your shift can help ease the tension of the day and keep your brain in the game on the sales floor.


With how crazy Black Friday work can get, a watch is a must have item. Knowing the time will allow you to time your breaks better and keep track of a hectic day. Additionally, if your store doesn’t allow you to keep your phone on the sales floor, then a watch will help ensure you can keep track of your working hours.


Breaks are a crucial part of surviving your Black Friday shift, and headphones will help you to really focus on yourself and make the most of your break time. Being able to fully check out of your work for your break will make checking back in much easier. Headphones allow you to fully check out and not be faced with distractions while you enjoy your breaks.

While a shift on Black Friday as a retail worker may seem impossible to survive, these items will help alleviate some stress of working the busiest shopping day of the year. Just remember, it’s only one day out of the year. Make sure to prioritize yourself and your breaks, and this Black Friday shift will fly by.

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