In the hospitality industry, one of the most common challenges is creating a hiring process that helps you find reliable front and back of house staff. Finding great candidates is often time-consuming, especially if it’s delegated to only one person. Having worked in staffing for over 15 years, we knew there had to be an easier way to hire and decided to launch crew perm.  

Introducing Crew Perm: How LGC Simplifies the Hiring Process

What is crew perm? 

Crew perm is a hospitality staffing solution created by LGC, geared towards restaurants to help simplify the hiring process by filling hourly positions in the front and back of house. Crew perm commonly fills positions such as cooks (line, prep, etc.), dishwashers, bartenders, and more.  

Historically, we’ve found it difficult to staff restaurants with temporary labor, because learning an entire menupoint-of-sale system, or process during a shift can be tricky. As opposed to temp staff who would only work a few shifts, crew perm staff are hired specifically to work long-term at one restaurant or business. What differentiates the LGC process from a standard hiring process is that we handle the sourcing, recruiting, and skills assessment. Once the candidate gets to you, all you’ll have to do is make sure they’re a great personality and culture fit. 

How does crew perm benefit me? 

In short, LGC’s crew perm takes the heavy lifting out of recruiting candidates and the the hiring process by doing the time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, and interviewingHere are some other ways crew perm can benefit restaurants: 

  • Don’t miss out on qualified candidates. We have an entire team dedicated to crew perm who are all experienced in the hospitality industry, which means they understand what sort of candidate you’re looking for. Plus, there’s little wait time during the application and screening process. On average, crew perm placements can take as few as 3 days 
  • Meet your match. Think of crew perm as a matchmaking service; We learn about your needs and exactly what you’re looking for in a great candidate, then go out and find them. Our team pays close attention to the little things, such as promptness and reliability, to ensure you’re getting a candidate that will show up and put in the work.  
  • There’s no risk. LGC will handle all the initial screening and interviewing at no cost – you’ll only pay when you hire one of our candidates.  

How do I get started? 

Once you know your needs, a representative from the LGC perm team will work with you to learn about job requirements and your ideal candidate. From there, we focus on fine-tuning our hiring process and finding top candidates through several channels, including passive and active job seekers. We’ll complete the screening process, making sure they fit your requirements to a T, and only then will you meet with them to make sure they’re a great personality fit.  

Save time sourcing and comparing candidates to focus on what matters; hiring great talent and building your business. LGC’s perm team is waiting to help you find the perfect hirecontact us today.