Have you ever wondered what a recruiter actually does? You might understand that a staffing firm places candidates with clients who need their help and vice versa, but have you ever wanted to take a step into the office for a day and peek behind the curtain?

One of our amazing recruiters and staffing managers in the Indianapolis office, Valeria Salazar Cabrera, walked us through a typical day in her life as well as the processes of connecting clients with candidates. You can read the interview below: 

Can you walk me through a typical day?

Valeria: “As a staffing manager, my day typically involves various tasks such as: sourcing candidates; meeting and communicating with our clients to identify their needs; screening resumes; conducting interviews and managing all the communications for both clients and candidates. We pretty much serve as a bridge between those two. Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities as I work towards finding the talent that best fits our clients’ needs and objectives.”

From start to finish, can you walk me through the process of placing a candidate in a job?

Valeria: The first step of the process is usually setting a bill rate, which is the result of our sales efforts. Once they have a bill rate set, we work on getting an order from the client. After getting the order, we proceed to put it up on the boards so all the staffing managers have access to work on it. Once we find the best candidate for the position, we communicate with the client to let them know a candidate has been placed on their property. Most of the time the client doesn’t require a previous interview with the candidates, but for the ones that do, we usually assist in the interview with the candidates.”

What is the process for connecting a client with a candidate?

Valeria: The way this usually works is whenever we interview the candidates, we ensure to get the most information about their availability as well as their skill sets. That makes it easier for us to ensure that when we get an order from a client, we are placing the candidate that best fits with their needs to guarantee the best outcome possible not only for us but for our clients and candidates.”

In the video on our socials, you used a whiteboard. Can you talk more about how the planning process works?

Valeria: “We use the whiteboards as a visual and readily-accessible tool to keep track of our upcoming orders as well as past orders for payroll purposes. This [helps] the team to easily access our standing for the current and upcoming week, facilitating more effective planning for candidate distribution to ensure we are fulfilling all client needs.”

What do you like about being a recruiter and working with LGC?

Valeria: “What I like the most about working with LGC is the opportunity to work in the best events and places of the city. It even feels like I am not working because I get to have lots of fun while doing my job. I also love being a part of the hospitality that characterizes Indy, and knowing that every time we have a successful event in our city, we get to be part of it.”

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