Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s topic: food and beverage certifications for hospitality employees. 

Food and Beverage Certifications

In the hospitality industry, a huge part of the staff’s responsibility is to make sure guest safety is a priority. The best way to do that is by staying up to date on certifications that show managers and employees have been trained on various topics. Food and beverage certifications include safe service of alcohol, food borne illnesses, various culinary certificates and more.  

There are several compelling benefits for obtaining hospitality certifications. For businesses, having employees certified in various areas of the restaurant will provide a better experience for guests, be less of a liability, and show their dedicated to their careers in this industry. In fact, 93% of employees would stay at their company longer if managers showed interest in developing their careers through training and learning new skills. Some restaurants can get discounts on bulk certifications; workers may feel more compelled to receive multiple certificates if they’re paid for by their employer.  

For employees, certificates may be required for some positions, but there are numerous benefits to acquiring them as well, like increased industry knowledge and ability to cross trainThe more relevant certificates you have, the more employment opportunities available to you.  

Most restaurants experience seasonality and have slower months – this is a great time to renew or complete food and beverage certifications that are required by law or will help further employees’ career. Below are some helpful links for finding food and beverage certifications by state. Of course, it’s important to check with local laws or the establishment you plan to work at to ensure you’re obtaining the right certificate.  

Food Handler Training
Alcohol Education
Food Manager (and various)
Various Food and Beverage 

By obtaining or encouraging workers to obtain relevant food and beverage certifications, managers and employees will be investing in the future of the hospitality industry. Start a conversation with your team or manager today to create a plan for advancing your career.