So you’re looking for a job, and want to know how easy it is to get started with LGC. Well you’ve come to the right place!

If you need something fast and flexible to fit your schedule, LGC has got you covered. While we specialize in hospitality jobs, we also offer a variety of opportunities with a wide range of clients. You’re guaranteed to find something for you. Plus, we’re located in more than 45 locations nationwide meaning we’re (just about) everywhere. Below we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to get started with LGC.

But how do you apply with LGC? After going to our website, you’ll first want to check out the Job Seekers page. That way you can learn about our process and what it’s like to work with LGC. Once you’ve decided you’re the right fit, you need to head over to the Search Jobs section which you can find under the “Divisions” drop down. When looking at our job board, you can see what type of assignments we have available.  

How to Get Started with LGC 

After finding your perfect match you’ll be ready for the application. Make sure you choose the correct division’s application (which depends on the type of work you’re looking for). The application takes less than five minutes. After you complete your application and meet the requirements, you will be contacted in the next couple days for an interview. The interview is with a staffing coordinator. The staffing coordinator will ask you about your skills, experience, etc. Fingers crossed you get approved! If you’re approved, you’ll gain access to all the assignments we have available and then you’re off to the races.  


  1. Log on to 
  2. Find the Job Seekers page. 
  3. Go to Search Jobs under the Divisions drop down. 
  4. Enter your job title and/or keywords and what state, city, or zip code you want to search for. 
  5. Select job(s).  
  6. Click “Apply for the Job” or head over to our Application. 
  7. Fill out the application. 
  8. Done! You’re ready to wait for the next steps from an LGC representative. 

Now that you know how to get started with LGC, we’ll teach you about NextCrew and the way it benefits our workforce.

NextCrew + LGC Now  

Congrats, you made it through the hiring process! Now you have access to LGC Now. Through LGC Now you’ll have access to NextCrew, which allows you to easily view and select shifts through a mobile app. You can also communicate with the LGC team that way.  

Workers must go through the hiring process with a staffing coordinator first before gaining access to the app. Once a worker has a profile created, they are sent a quick welcome guide. Then they can view and claim shifts within a 45 mile radius that work around their schedules. They can also communicate with their local LGC office should they have any questions regarding shifts, uniform requirements, pay, etc. (But all information pertaining to the shifts is always available in the app.) The most beneficial part about using the NextCrew app is how convenient it is. Workers get the flexibility they need to work around their own schedule – giving them the freedom to make money on their own time.  

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started with LGC.

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