Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s hospitality in the news topic: is hotel manager a good career?  

One of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry is the number of open positions. According to RestaurantDive, although the situation is improving, “the unemployment rate in the leisure and hospitality industry is 8.2%, more than double the rate of the general economy.” 

Despite the staffing challenges, the hospitality industry continues to make its recovery. More and more people are traveling and going on vacations they’ve been putting off for months –– if not years. And as business keeps growing, the need to hire becomes greater.  

If you’ve been interested in a new position or a career change, now is the time to get your foot in the door of the hospitality industry. One particular position that’s in high demand is hotel managers. Below we’ll answer the question, is hotel manager a good career? and tell you everything you need to know about this integral hospitality position.  

Is Hotel Manager a Good Career? 

Duties may vary depending on what area you work in, but traditionally hotel managers are responsible for just that –– managing hotel operations to ensure everything runs smoothly. This likely includes hiring and staffing, maintaining partner contracts, and creating a great guest experience – just to name a few.  

Carson Jones, Executive Recruiter at LGC who partners with hotel clients across the country to place hospitality professionals, had this to say about the right hotel management candidate: “A hotels ideal general manager is able to keep the team focused during distress, support the departments during strenuous times, challenge the leadership team to continually think outside the box, and motivate the team to envision where they can be.”  

When applying for a hotel manager job, employers will be looking for candidates who have worked at a hotel before. Depending on the location, you may need years of experience as a hotel manager or certain technical skills like budgeting or event planning. The right soft skills will be especially crucial in this position, as hotel managers work closely with employees and regularly interact with guests.

Benefits of Working as a Hotel Manager

Now that you know what a hotel manager does and what employers are looking for, we can talk about some of the benefits of working in the position. Though perks will differ from job to job, you can anticipate the following benefits when working as a hotel manager:  

  • Stability. While the pandemic removed a bit of stability from the hospitality industry, there will always be a need for hotels – thus always a need for hotel managers.  
  • Opportunities for growth. Want to learn about different areas of the hotel, or move into a position with more responsibility? This is the place to do it.  
  • Schedule variety. Multiple shift times can provide the variety and consistency you want in your schedule.  
  • Competitive pay. You can expect competitive pay and benefits when working as a hotel manager, especially amidst the current hiring challenges.  

It’s difficult to fully answer the question, “is hotel manager a good career” because the answer is subjective. But if you’re looking for a position with available jobs, opportunities for growth, and a competitive salary, then a hotel manager job might be for you.  

(If you don’t have any experience but are interested in hotel work, check out this blog post: How to Get a Hotel Job with No Experience) 


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