Though we’re rooted in hospitality staffing, LGC isn’t just for hospitality clients. Learn what other industries we can service in this mini-series.

In the first part of this two-part series, we discussed some of the reasons why LGC, originally founded to service hospitality clients, can be utilized by businesses in various industriesSome of these reasons are 

  • Our dedicated recruiting team 
  • Employee skill evaluations 
  • Our event engagement tool, LGC Now  
  • Flexible staffing solutions 

These industries, which can include healthcarewarehouse/distribution, and retailmight not be as familiar with partnering with a staffing firm. In part two, we’ll be highlighting how LGC not only works for other industries, but benefits them. 

Why LGC Isn’t Just for Hospitality: Part 2 

Diverse worker pool
Our diverse workforce comes from all walks of life, each possessing a unique set of skillsTapping into this talent pool, you’ll be bringing something new to your team; maybe it’s great leadership qualities (soft skills), a technique you haven’t heard of before (hard skills), or relevant education. You never know who you’ll end up meeting.  

Time and cost effective
When adding new employees to your roster, one of the biggest challenges associated with hiring is the time and money spent on the various processes. Between job postings to meeting candidates, hiring can take you away from other important operations. With LGC, we’ll handle the recruiting, interviewing, and vetting process, providing ready-to-deploy workers when you need them. Allowing us to handle the hiring process will cut back on hours of work, and reduce costs related to advertising, screening, and employee taxes.  

Devoted customer service
Our team is passionate about creating a great staffing experience for our clients (and workers), which is why we prioritize transparency and communication. We’ll do our best to help you with any staffing challenges you may have, offering a new point of view or solution – because it’s not just about transactions, it’s about building relationships.  

The world of staffing can seem complicated for businesses who have never worked with an agency before – which is why we’re here to clear up any questions you may have, and help you understand how you can benefit from this partnership. Contact our team today to learn more.