Two months ago, we officially launched LGC Now – a new staffing solution that focuses on growing and expanding our business through the removal of several manual administrative tasks. Since then we’ve been focused on training LGC employees on how to use the software piloting LGC Now.  

2 Months Into LGC’s New Staffing Solution, LGC Now

NextCrew is the company that hosts the LGC Now app. By introducing this new staffing solution into day-to-day operations at our local offices, many time-consuming activities associated with staffing are minimized. These include order placement and fulfillment, contacting workers for shifts, entering timesheets, and more.  

The training process 

The LGC Now implementation managers, based in Chicago, have been traveling throughout the past couple months to our markets across the country, meeting with each local team and getting them set up with NextCrew.  

During this two-day intensive training, employees review a training deck that provides an overview of the functionalities and capabilities of NextCrew’s technology. Most of the training is spent getting real-time experience with the mobile app; implementation managers work with the local offices to enter new orders and add the city’s clients to the system. There’s ample time for employees to ask questions about the technology and review any areas of confusion or concern.  

Automation + excellent customer service = The LGC way 

One of the reasons LGC stands out is because of our dedication to providing top notch customer service to our clients and employees. Through regular communication, we’re able to stay connected with the people that are integral to the success of our business. The beauty of LGC Now is we’re able to reduce time spent on manual administrative tasks and reallocate it into growing our business and continuing to foster relationships with clients and employees.  

Kevin McLaughlin, an LGC Now implementation manager, says this about his experience rolling out the new staffing solution: 

“During trainings, there is a moment where teams realize they’ll have the best of both worlds. They’ll have the experience and expertise of LGC and the efficiencies of NextCrew technology.” 

All work and no play… 

You know the old adage. Thankfully, it’s not all work for the LGC Now implementation team. Along with training, the teams grab dinner to learn more about each other and check out the local sites. “Dinner has been a great way to meet everyone inside and outside of the office and see how LGC Hospitality does hospitality all around,” says Max Wacker, LGC Now implementation manager. “Everyone has made me feel incredibly welcome which has made training these offices much more comfortable.”  

Throughout the next few weeks, the LGC Now team will continue to roll out the new staffing solution to our remaining offices. While a technology platform is a new step for LGC, the core of what makes us us remains. 

Learn more about LGC Now and how it works for our clients and job seekers.