Despite the challenges we (like thousands of others) faced throughout the pandemic, LGC has been fortunate to open three new staffing divisions within the past year. These divisions – MarketStaff, ConcessionStaff, and EnviroStaff – target clients in specific industries and bring LGC’s two decades of staffing expertise to their organization.

LGC’s background is rooted in hospitality – that’s where we got our start in 2003. Over the next two decades we made it a point to learn everything there was to know about recruiting, hiring, and making placements in this industry.  

We knew that when branching out to industries besides hospitality, we needed the right leaders to help drive us to success. We chose each division leader specifically because of their background and the impact they’ve had on LGC. 

The first part of this series, we were introduced to Jennifer Sukup, Vice President of MarketStaff. (You can learn about Jennifer and what services MarketStaff can offer our clients here.) In the second part, we’ll meet Damien Flaherty. He has over three decades years of experience in the environmental industry which makes him the ideal leader for EnviroStaff. 

About Damien 

Damien joined LGC to help launch EnviroStaff, which makes professional placements in the environmental industry. With him he brings 30 years of environmental industry experience with a focus on recruiting and placements. 

Damien’s in-depth knowledge of the industry – which includes instrument and equipment rentals to consulting firms, remediation contractors, and laboratories – makes him the right leader to bring LGC into the environmental staffing space. EnviroStaff made its debut in early 2022 and we can’t wait to see what they do throughout the rest of the year. 

About EnviroStaff 

What sets EnviroStaff apart from its’ competitors?  

EnviroStaff has a strong understanding of the environmental industry because we have worked in laboratories and have been in the field for soil and water sampling and remediation activities. Whenever possible we visit our client’s place of business to learn the nuances of their operation. We take the time to understand the culture of the hiring firm as well as the specific job requirements.

We attend the same professional organizations and conferences our clients do to keep up with industry trends and regulations that impact the industry. On the candidate side we make sure we learn the career goals and aspirations in their job search. Overall, we make the effort to learn as much as possible because knowledge is key in this industry. 

If you were to pitch EnviroStaff services to your goal client but only had 30 seconds, how would you do it? 

EnviroStaff focuses solely on the environmental industry, meaning that’s where our entire scope of work is. We’re always searching for scientists, engineers, and technicians that have the education and specialized skills needed by the niche firms we partner with. Our team fosters relationships with these candidates to help them advance their career – we know where they want to be geographically, financially, and professionally. Once we are engaged by our client, we make the match which fulfills both our client’s needs and our candidate’s goals. 

What do you think is a key factor in the hiring challenges we’re seeing right now?  

There are more job openings than qualified candidates – so candidates can pick and choose their ideal position – and hiring firms are finding it costs more to attract the talent they need to grow their business. 

Are there benefits for candidates who work with EnviroStaff? If so, what are they?  

Based on our network of client connections (with Environmental Consulting, Laboratory, Remediation and Instrument /Equipment companies) we can often present Geologists, Chemists, Environmental or Civil Engineers, and Field Sampling Technicians to a hiring manager even if there is not a posted job opening. Meaning we may be able to fulfill some of your needs before you have to lift a finger. 

What were some of the challenges you’ve experienced with EnviroStaff?  

Early on, hiring companies would outline the job requirements and the pay range and sometimes we couldn’t deliver on their request based on the current hiring environment. What about wins? We have worked with our partner clients and candidates to negotiate a solution which meets their needs under changing market conditions. This might look like a hybrid work arrangement, relocation assistance, temporary housing or a combination of strategies. 

As a leader, what’s one of the most important aspects of running your team?  

Right now, it’s focusing our resources. We understand the key components for clients and candidates to be successful in the environmental industry. With the current shortage of candidates, using every resource at our disposal is so important.  

If you need assistance with your next career move or finding a great environmental industry professional, contact us today. EnviroStaff – building your team for a better tomorrow.  


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