Over the past year, LGC has been fortunate to launch three new staffing divisions to better accommodate our clients’ hiring needs. These divisions – MarketStaff, ConcessionStaff, and EnviroStaff – target clients in specific industries and bring LGC’s two decades of staffing expertise to their organization.  

LGC’s background is rooted in hospitality – that’s where we got our start in 2003. Over the next two decades we made it a point to learn everything there was to know about recruiting, hiring, and making placements in this industry.  

We knew that when branching out to industries besides hospitality, we needed the right leaders to help drive us to success. We chose each division leader specifically because of their background and the impact they’ve had on LGC.  

In this three-part blog series we’ll be introducing you to the leaders who drive these divisions. By getting to know them more you can better understand how these divisions operate. First up we’ll be learning about Jennifer Sukup, Vice President of MarketStaff. 

About Jennifer 

Over the (almost) 10 years Jennifer has been with LGC, she’s been hugely important in the growth of the St. Louis area. After she worked her way up to Area VP, she worked on a special project at LGC for an up-and-coming retail division –– and that’s how MarketStaff was born.   

Earlier this year in January MarketStaff was officially launched to provide clients with the workforce they need from the factory to the floor. We know that MarketStaff can help take LGC to the next level and we can’t wait to see what this division continues to do in the future. 

About MarketStaff 

What sets MarketStaff apart from its’ competitors? 

Our goal is always to create a strong partnership with our clients by establishing a relationship and truly understanding the specific needs of each location we work with. We feel that it is important to get to know our clients well to be able to provide them with the best candidate options. 

If you were to pitch MarketStaff services to your goal client but only had 30 seconds, how would you do it? 

Let me show you the difference in working with my team for 30 days with zero cost to you unless you decide to utilize the candidates we can source for you. 

What do you think is a key factor in the hiring challenges we’re seeing right now? 

Pay. We are still hurting from the effects of the pandemic and the demand for higher wages is at a peak. You have to be able to sell the benefits of the company and be competitive in the market with pay. 

Are there benefits for candidates who work with MarketStaff? If so, what are they? 

The greatest thing about partnering with MarketStaff is the amount of work opportunities that you can have access to at your fingertips! With access to our job app for assignments you will not only have opportunities with the MarketStaff division but also with our parent company LGC Hospitality.  

In addition, because we partner with large nationwide companies, it gives our candidates a chance to work at locations on a temp-to-hire basis, showcasing their skills that otherwise may have never been noticed on a resume or job application to get an interview. 

What were some of the challenges you’ve experienced with MarketStaff? What about wins? 

The largest challenge was coming out of the hospitality realm and learning the differences needed in recruiting styles and in our employee relationships as well. The first year of working in merchandising (which led to the creation of MarketStaff) was truly a trial and error and I think I tweaked and changed things almost daily until I got it right. I was able to learn by forming a great relationship with the client and making sure that we were creating a system that worked for them. Finishing the year at over 1 million dollars of revenue was a HUGE win! 

As a leader, what’s one of the most important aspects of running your team? 

Respect. If there’s mutual respect and you allow your team to be heard, only then can you build a solid team working towards the same goals to the absolute best of each of their own abilities and strengths. You have to be willing to work right beside them and never think you are too good or above doing anything you would ask of them. 

If you’re looking to build a staffing partnership that will find you the employees you need (from the factory to the floor), contact MarketStaff today.  


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