National Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th! In honor of this exciting celebration, check out these nationwide recommendations from the LGC team on where to find the best cheeseburger.

On National Cheeseburger Day, Check Out These 10 Nationwide Recommendations

1. Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park (Cincinnati, OH)

“The meat is perfectly seasoned and buns are super fresh tasting! They have lots of different burger varieties, but my personal favorite is the blackened blue burger because of the whipped blue cheese. ” – Brittany, Director of Client Relations

2. BurgerFuel (Indianapolis, IN)

“It’s a restaurant from New Zealand and this is the first location in the USA. Absolutely delicious. They are really big in to the all natural, grass fed, vegan options, etc. They make their own ketchup and have exotic things they put on each burger.” – Brianna, Director of VMS Operations

3. Goode Company (Houston, TX)

“Large portions and top quality beef! Always a good option if you are looking for a great burger.” – Tena, Houston Staffing Manager

4. Bareburger (Philadelphia, PA)

“They have the best burgers in the UNIVERSE! My favorite is the County Fair Burger. This little load of deliciousness is composed of Bison, Grilled Onions, Slab Bacon, Balsamic Mushrooms, Mayo, and White Cheese Sauce.” – Jhai, Philadelphia Staffing Manager

5. Bub’s Burgers & Ice Cream (Carmel, IN)

“It says it all in the name! Their burgers and ice cream are to die for. I especially love their elk burgers! If you are in the Indy area you definitely need to check this place out! Plus if you think you have the guts, you can try their Big Ugly Challenge (Eat the one pound burger and get your picture on the wall).” – Tiffany, Marketing and Social Media Specialist

“No place better to get a burger on National Cheeseburger Day than Bub’s!” – Jen, President & Member

6. Yeah! Burger (Atlanta, GA)

“All their ingredients are produced locally, they have a ton of different options, and they taste awesome! A must visit anytime you are in Atlanta!” – Barbie, Atlanta Branch Manager

7. Matt’s Bar (Minneapolis, MN)

“The best burger EVER is a Jucy Lucy from Matt’s bar in Minneapolis! The difference is that they put the cheese on the inside of the patty. When you bite into it, ooey gooey cheesy goodness gets everywhere and it is just heavenly.” – Brittany, Director of Client Relations

8. Houston’s Restaurant (Houston, TX)

“Every time I go to Houston’s Restaurant it is always a pleasure. Their burgers are very favorable and fresh!” – Tena, Houston Staffing Manager 

9. Between the Bun (Greenwood, IN)

“I love that it’s locally owned and located in a little old house in Greenwood, Indiana that’s been remolded into a restaurant, so you really get that great mom and pop feel. And they have amazing specialty burgers made fresh😊 My favorite is “The Mac Daddy Burger”!” – Nikki, Payroll Assistant

10. HopCat (Indianapolis, IN)

“The Bruschetta Turkey Burger is one of my all time favorite sandwiches. If you aren’t in to red meat, this is where it’s at!” – Brianna, Director of VMS Operations

If you check out one of LGC’s recommendations for National Cheeseburger Day, let us know!