Check out these nationwide recommendations from the LGC team on where to find the best waffles on National Waffle Day!

On National Waffle Day, Check Out 14 Nationwide Recommendations

1. Waffles and Wedges (Philadelphia, PA)

“Their waffles are super fluffy and come with the sweetest fried bananas!” – Jhai, Phildelphia Staffing Manager

2. Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles (Indianapolis, IN)

“The waffles are DELICIOUS, the chicken that goes on top is so crispy and juicy. My favorite though is the butter, it comes with it and really ties all the flavors together. It’s in an old gas station, so the outside can be a but deceiving but its worth the trip!” – Meredith, Corporate Assistant

“They have amazing waffles and the sweet potato waffles are to die for!” – Senitra, Indianapolis Staffing Manager

3. Taste of Belgium (Cincinnati, OH)

“This is a NO BRAINER. These waffles are among the most heavenly things I have ever tasted. The batter is the perfect consistency, with minimal sweetness. There is a perfect crunch to soft ratio, and you don’t feel like a total bloated pig after eating them. I recommend getting the chicken and waffles. Plus, they have my second favorite bloody mary in the city!” – Brittany, Director of Client Relations

“Taste of Belgium here in Clifton, Oh is one of the best waffle places in the world!”  – Mehdi, Cincinnati Branch Manager

4. Charlie’s Restaurant (Detroit, MI)

“Confession: I was addicted to waffles, or to be exact, a waffle. A diner named Charlie’s Restaurant has the best waffle I’ve ever had! It is located only a few miles from our office and comes with real strawberries or blueberries. I’ve spoken so much about this waffle that so far I’ve convinced half of our office to also try this restaurant.” – Kayla, Detroit Staffing Manager

5. Little Spoon Cafe (Philadelphia, PA)

“It’s a nice quaint eatery that plays great music and has a healthy take on waffles.” – Taylor, Philadelphia Assistant Staffing Manager

6. Vintage Frozen Custard (Atlanta, GA)

“We love Vintage Frozen Custard! They are a dessert place that tops waffles with their frozen custard.” – Barbie, Atlanta Branch Manager

7. Wild Eggs (Louisville, KY)

I love the waffles at Louisville’s own Wild Eggs.  The whipped butter and REAL Maple Syrup really make the difference!” – Chad, Louisville Branch Manager

8. Walker Brothers in Wilmette, IL (Chicago, IL)

“Who doesn’t love bacon?! My taste buds go crazy over a waffle with bacon mixed throughout the batter. Drenched in maple syrup, this is sure way to a delicious treat!” – Sean, Chicago Area Manager 

9. Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co. (Houston, TX)

“They have specialty waffles, great environment, awesome peach tea and brunch!” – Keeley, Houston Staffing Manager

10. Honest John’s (Detroit, MI)

“We have a place in Detroit that I recommend to everyone for Chicken and Waffles!! It is called Honest John’s and it is located in Midtown Detroit.  You have not lived until you tried their chicken and waffles! They also have a great night scene to go to get a few drinks as well.” – Tiffany, Detroit Assistant Staffing Manager

11. The Original Pancake House (Minneapolis, MN)

“The Apple Waffles are my favorite – super tasty cinnamon apple syrup can’t be beat.” – Anthony, Minneapolis Assistant Staffing Manager

12. Kingside Diner (St. Louis, MO)

“They’re waffles are very light, fluffy, and extremely delicious!! Perfect for National Waffle Day!” – Jordan, St. Louis Assistant Staffing Manager

13. Midnight Diner (Charlotte, NC)

“You have to get their Chicken and Waffles! They are even open 24 hrs!” – Glen, Co-Founder

14. Pizza Luce (Minneapolis, MN)

“Check out their weekend brunch! I get the Kersch Waffle–gluten free waffle topped with vanilla bean ice-cream, served with a berry compote. So good!” – Anthony, Minneapolis Assistant Staffing Manager

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations for National Waffle Day!