If you’re a business looking for Pittsburgh staffing agencies that can connect you with the candidates you need, we have the perfect solution for you.

Since 2003 LGC has been building connections between businesses with staffing needs and job seekers looking for new opportunities. We were fortunate to open our doors to the amazing people of Pittsburgh in October 2008; and since then, we’ve made thousands of placements between candidates and the clients who need them.  

We understand the importance of finding the right employees to add to your growing team. If you make a bad hire, it can cost thousands of dollars and not only that, but you’ll have to start at the drawing board again. In the Pittsburgh employment landscape – where the unemployment rate is 3.7% – the fear of losing great candidates to your competition is very real.  

Pittsburgh Staffing Agencies That Will Help You Grow Your Team

Fortunately if you’re looking for Pittsburgh staffing agencies, LGC can help. Though we specialize in hospitality, we service clients in multiple industries including hospitality/food service, retail, warehousing, and more. We can tell you about all the reasons that LGC is the right fit when looking for Pittsburgh staffing agencies, but why don’t we let this recent testimonial about one of our Executive Recruiters tell you for us? 

“I initiated an agreement with LGC because of Allyson Whitton and her confidence that she and the Team at LGC could help us with filling the open slots on our Team. She and her Team were challenged with various openings at several levels from General Managers to Executives and they took on this challenge with a refreshing eagerness. 

Allyson and her Team almost immediately sent us a steady flow of candidates in the exact geographic areas that we needed them. Allyson and I also scheduled weekly follow-up calls to stay calibrated on our expectations for the quality of candidates we were looking for. She and the LGC Team were receptive to feedback and pivoted quickly to make adjustments that yielded us the exact type of candidates we were seeking from experience levels to training to leadership results. 

In less than half a year, they supported us and served us quality candidates and I’m happy to say that we hired what we needed with their help and support. One last note, Allyson’s communication was on point throughout our partnership and we never felt uninformed, disconnected, or out of alignment in our expectations. Thank you LGC, we will partner again in the future!” – Larry, Heartland Restaurant Group 

Don’t navigate a challenging hiring climate alone. Let LGC help you find the people you need to make the best possible hires. Learn more here or contact LGC Pittsburgh today.

About LGC
Since 2003 LGC has been building connections between businesses with staffing needs and job seekers looking for new opportunities. Our range of solutions include temporary and permanent placements (and everything in between) in a variety of industries. With offices located nationwide, we can tap into a dynamic pool of talented professionals. We have a passion for creating partnerships that last and work hard every day to ensure both clients and candidates reach their employment goals.