Recently LGC launched a new staffing solution to add to their growing product line, the Recruitment Subscription Service. 

The service offers restaurantthe opportunity to hire hourly workers for a flat monthly fee by providing the resumes of prescreened candidates who have already undergone a thorough interview process. Created based off the need to find great talent during a challenging hiring climate, the Recruitment Subscription Service aims to help restaurants by providing top candidates and removing some of manual tasks associated with hiring. 

LGC Launches Recruitment Subscription Service

When enrolled in the service, clients will receive the carefully reviewed resumes of job seekers who are interested in filling their open position. The process is as follows:  

  • Restaurants will provide the job description and necessary skills needed for the position.  
  • Our dedicated recruiters pre-screen candidates, which includes a resume search, phone interview, and face to face interview with pre-qualification questions provided by the client. 
  • LGC sends notes and resumes to the hiring manager at the restaurant. Only those candidates who meet qualifications and express interest in the job opportunity are referred to the client for potential hire.  

Although the service has a one month minimum, many clients have utilized it for three plus months for ongoing recruitment. The flat fee is based upon how many referred candidates the restaurant group requests. On launching the service, General Manager of the Perm Division, Louis Hanses says, “LGC is all about making sure that we do what we can to partner with our clients to assist them with the most important aspect of their business –  the people that run it. 

LGC’s knowledge of the restaurant industry and almost 20 years’ experience in staffing make them the leader in food and beverage placement nationwide. Contact Jaime Horning today to learn how the Recruitment Subscription Service can help with your hiring needs.  

Jaime Horning | General Manager of Perm Division 
Phone: 503-308-4671