Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s hospitality in the news topic: one solution to the delivery driver shortage. 

Staff shortage continues 

As we head into the summer, restaurants and other hospitality venues are continuing to feel the heat when preparing to staff through the next several months. With 78,000 restaurant jobs added in April, it doesn’t seem like the hiring issues we’ve grown accustomed to will cease soon. 

Delivery drivers impacted especially 

One position that’s especially impacted by the staffing challenges is delivery drivers. While the pandemic increased delivery popularity, the delivery driver shortage extends back to a few years. According to a report by Restaurant Dive, delivery driver turnover reached 220% in 2019. And the overall need for restaurant delivery has grown 20% in the past 5 years.  

This information begs the question; what’s the solution to the delivery driver shortage, especially as we head into busy season? 

One solution to the delivery driver shortage 

When restaurant managers are considering their delivery options, most think of handling it themselves or reaching out to a third-party service. One option not often discussed is reaching out to a staffing partner like LGC.  

As a client, LGC will work closely with you to accomplish your staffing goals whether it be on a short-term or long-term basis. We can provide delivery drivers (as well as other foodservice related positions) to fill the gaps on your team.  

With the current employee shortage, you may be wondering how LGC can accommodate requests for delivery drivers. Because of our staffing model, we’re able to offer workers what they want: flexibility and choice. Temporary employees can choose when they work and navigate around their current schedule, leaving time for other opportunities or a better work life balance.  

If you’ve been struggling to fill shifts, consider partnering with a staffing agency that can help connect you with the delivery drivers you need. Contact LGC today.   


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