Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s Hospitality in the News topic: stadium hiring. 

According to The Sporting Blog, there are over 900 stadiums located across the United States. Throughout the year stadiums are home to games, concerts, and other events that connect a huge audience that are all looking for one thing: a great experience. Even though there’s a variety of events that take place at stadiums, you’ll most often see games and other sports-related events taking place. Because the seasons don’t run concurrently, there’s an opportunity to work throughout the entire year.  

Whether you’re working at a stadium or in charge of staffing it, you know just how challenging it can be to ensure complete coverage. With tens of thousands of passionate fans, efficiency is key – and that can be an issue if you are short-staffed. Right now there are a lot of employers trying to hire during a nationwide labor shortage – meaning finding the right stadium staff can be tough. So what’s the best way to conduct stadium hiring?  

For Employers 

Stadium hiring is most successful when assisted by a staffing partner. Simply put, it would be impossible to hire, schedule, and manage hundreds (if not thousands) of workers for each game. This isn’t even taking call offs, rescheduled games, or other factors into consideration. Wouldn’t it be more effective to partner with someone who can take some of the burden away from staffing?  

Stadiums aren’t unaccustomed to working with staffing firms. Across the country there are huge stadiums in major cities that turn towards local staffing partners to assist with stadium hiring. If you manage stadium workers but haven’t identified a staffing company to partner with, what are you waiting for?  

ConcessionStaff by LGC focuses solely on facility and event staffing. We partner with clients across the country to connect them with great employees for their events. Because our focus is on facility staffing, we have a nationwide network of stadium professionals who can help fulfill your needs. 

Besides having someone to help you navigate the staffing process, there are several benefits to partnering with a staffing firm, including:  

  • Save time and money on the recruiting and interviewing processes. 
  • Access qualified and pre-vetted staff that can face additional screenings upon request. 
  • Customized staffing plan for each client to best fit your needs. 
  • We’re the employer of record, meaning we take care of liability coverage, workman’s comp, and other employment-related taxes. 
For Workers 

Working at a stadium is a great opportunity for workers who enjoy working in an exciting, fast-paced environment and meeting people from different walks of life. It’s also a consistent way to make extra cash, because (as mentioned earlier) there are stadium-related events that go on all year long.  

While you could get hired directly through the stadium, working with a company like ConcessionStaff gives you access to benefits you may not have had before such as: 

  • Flexibility in your schedule. You aren’t obligated to work a certain number of games and can choose when to pick up shifts.  
  • Ability to work with different clients at various events where you can gain new skills in the process. 
  • Work past the sports season to make money when it’s convenient for you.  

Whatever side of it you’re on, stadium hiring can be challenging. ConcessionStaff believes that you don’t have to go through the process alone. If you need assistance, whether you’re looking for a stadium job or looking to hire for your stadium, contact the ConcessionStaff team today.