At LGC, being there for communities is really important to us; and included in those communities are small businesses. Did you know that staffing companies can help support small and local businesses?

Though the name may imply something different, the small business industry is anything but small. With over 30 million firms classified as small businessesthis diverse industry accounts for almost 50% of the economic activity in the U.S. and employs 10 people per business on average (but can go up to 500 according to 

Social platforms like InstagramEtsy, and Pinterest have made it easier to shop at small businesses, which is likely why we’ve seen an increase in their popularity throughout the last decade. This year in particular, the topic of shopping at small businesses has grown due to the pandemic, where businesses of any size – but especially those without corporate or federal funding/loans – were affected. A rallying cry of #ShopSmall can be found across the major social media channels, urging consumers to do their holiday shopping at small and local businesses in order to stimulate the economy and support those who need it.  

4 Ways Staffing Companies Can Help Support Small Businesses

Small business owners and employees are typically used to working long hours and taking on several different roles in order to ensure operations run smoothly. If you’re considering taking on a new team member to help with daily tasks, there are several reasons tconsider working with staffing companies. In honor of Small Business Saturday this past weekend, we’re sharing 4 ways staffing companies can help support small businesses through the pandemic and beyond. 

Save time
The process of looking for a new employee can take a lot of time, between writing the job description, sorting through resumes, and conducting interviewsWhen working with a staffing agency, theyll handle all the tasks associated with the recruiting and hiring process, that way all you need to do is send a request. Once the employee shows up at your door, they’ll be ready to work. The time managers save on recruiting efforts can then be reallocated to measures that expand your business, like marketing or networking.  

Lower costs
Because temporary workers are employed by staffing companies, they’ll be responsible for fees associated with hiring and employment such as advertising, benefits, and insurance. And while there’s typically a markup when being billed for staffing services, in most cases it’s less than you’d have to pay for hiring and maintaining or firing an in-house employee.  

Provide flexible staffing options
One main reason businesses work with staffing companies is because they’re flexible. Some clients are looking to fill a long-term assignment, while others just need someone for a day or two. Most companies offer a variety of solutions and services that fit your business needs. Some of these include:  

  • Temporary: short term or one-off assignments.  
  • Temp-to-hire: get to know an employee before bringing them on permanently.  
  • Direct hire: find someone for a permanent, full-time position.  

Find specific talent
Just because you’re outsourcing talent doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Temporary employees are a diverse group of professionals with a wide variety of experiences that can meet client’s requirements. As long as you communicate your needs properly, your staffing partner should be able to accommodate.  

There are several reasons that a business would decide to partner with staffing companies; Some of these include a busy holiday season, last minute call offs, or because they need an extra hand. Regardless, finding the right staffing partner can allow you to focus on what’s most important: growing and scaling your business.  

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