Though it’s not official until the 21st, for many the start of June signifies the beginning of the summer season. Because it’s the busiest time of year for LGC, we wanted to find a way to recognize and engage with our audience – whether you’re a client, job seeker, or internal team member. Introducing: The Summer of Celebration campaign.  

What is the Summer of Celebration campaign? 

The Summer of Celebration (SoC) campaign was launched not only to show appreciation to the incredible people that support LGC, but also to commemorate our 20th anniversary in business (which we celebrated in May). Throughout the past two decades, we’ve been fortunate to partner with some of the most incredible people in the country. Whether you’re a successful business, a talented job seeker, or an unstoppable LGC team member, we’re so thankful for how you’ve impacted LGC.  

That’s why we started the SoC campaign; to reward our network for engaging with LGC. Here’s how it works: 

  • From June 1st through the end of August, we will run monthly campaigns that target clients, job seekers, and internal employees.  
  • Based on the specific parameters, winners will be chosen each month to receive a scratch off ticket for a chance to win money or an LGC credit.  
    • For example, clients who place an order by the 25th of June will be entered into a pool. We’ll choose two random winners (from each LGC region) to receive a scratch off ticket with some amazing prizes – including a chance to win a $5,000 credit towards LGC services. *Keep in mind, this is just an example of the client giveaway. There are separate rules for the job seeker and internal team giveaways. 
  • There are multiple chances to win until the end of August! 
  • To learn more about the SoC campaign, check us out on social media – @LGCStaffing (everywhere except Facebook where we’re @LGCHospitality).  

Often when we run engagement campaigns, we typically extend them to the LGC workforce and our clients. But this Summer of Celebration campaign includes our internal team and we’re so excited to see their outstanding results.  

If you’ve got questions about the Summer of Celebration campaign, feel free to reach out to your local office and they’ll be happy to answer them. Good luck to everyone who participates!