As of September 6th, COVID-related unemployment programs officially expired, which were established through the CARES Act in March 2020. Millions of Americans will be impacted by the change in benefits, with official’s hopeful this will encourage people to get back to work amid the employment crisis.  

Will unemployment benefits ending impact hiring efforts?

Hiring experts anticipate that with extended unemployment benefits ending, the millions of job openings across the country will begin to fill as more people look for work. Coupled with major holidays upcoming in just a few short months, recruiters are eager for an influx of applicants. So, what can we expect the impact on hiring to be with unemployment benefits ending?  

Because LGC has been in the staffing industry for almost 20 decades, we have a strong pulse on all things related to recruiting and hiring. With 40 offices located nationwide, we have the resources to help us understand what the hiring challenges are in each city. Recently a quick straw poll of managers in LGC offices across the country told us the following about the job market:  

  • Despite staffing shortages, job openings are continuing to grow in a variety of sectors – including healthcare, hospitality/foodservice, and warehousing. 
  • Managers are receiving applications, showing that the desire to find work is there.  
  • In some cases, applicants are not finalizing the hiring process.  
  • Success in hiring and staffing is being seen in states where benefits ended early and wages were increased.  

Besides the markets that are seeing success, LGC managers believe that they’ll have a better idea of whether the hiring situation will improve in the next two weeks or so, once those eligible receive their final unemployment benefits check. With big name companies needing tens of thousands of workers for the upcoming holiday hiring season, we’re hopeful that more people will return to the job market soon, especially with unemployment benefits ending.

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