LGC, the leading national hospitality staffing agency, today announced the launch of their hospitality tech staffing solution, LGC Now. LGC Now is a staffing engagement tool that provides LGC employees an opportunity to secure flexible employment based upon their schedule, while providing clients with the chance to obtain qualified talent when they need it.

LGC Launches New Hospitality Tech Staffing Solution, LGC Now

Recently LGC acquired 12 staffing business markets from a former temporary staffing firm. With this acquisition comes the launch of LGC Now, our new hospitality tech staffing solution. Since its inception in 2003, LGC Hospitality has taken a traditional approach to staffing its’ 30+ cities across the country. With the transition of these markets comes the introduction of LGC Now; a technology driven vertical focused on growing and expanding their business by removing the time-consuming administrative tasks commonly found in staffing.

“We believe LGC Now, coupled with our knowledgeable and accountable service model, will propel LGC’s reach like never before and allow development of smaller markets not typically associated with hospitality staffing,” says George Lessmeister, CEO and Founder of LGC Hospitality. “LGC workers will enjoy an easier onboarding process and prompt notifications of open assignments fitting the flexible work schedule many require in today’s market.”

This is an exciting step for the future of LGC, which has been operating for over 15 years. On the future of his company and the implementation of this new technology, Lessmeister says “LGC Now establishes LGC in the vibrant and expanding “Gig Economy”, and represents a milestone for us in future expansion of the LGC staffing product.”

LGC has taken on nearly 28,000 workers and over 100 clients, now operating under LGC Now. Throughout the rest of 2019, LGC plans to focus on growing their recently acquired business as well as beginning the transition of LGC Hospitality clients and workers to the new hospitality tech staffing solution.

About LGC Hospitality

LGC is the premier hospitality staffing company in the United States, with 33 locations across the country. Their mission is to ensure a positive experience for both job seekers and clients by going above and beyond their expectations. With the introduction of LGC Now, it hopes to continue offering flexible opportunities to workers while connecting clients with a best-in-class talent pool. To learn more, visit https://lgcassociates.com/lgc-now/.

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Tiffany Peterson
Assistant Director of Marketing