As summer unfurls its warm embrace, farmers markets come alive around the country with vibrant colors, fresh produce, and the inviting aroma of local delights; making them the perfect destinations for shopping, community, and supporting sustainable living. Farmers markets are an unparalleled experience where homegrown businesses get 100% of the profit they make and shoppers can get fresh ingredients. It’s a win-win; you get to support your local agricultural community, learn more about where your food comes from, and purchase ingredients that were picked that morning.

In our “Just Around the Corner” blog series, we spotlight unique events happening just steps away from our nationwide brick-and-mortar locations. This summer edition invites you to explore local markets, where you can support our cherished farmers and talented artisans.

Discover your favorite local market at one of these 5 locations!

Green City Market – Chicago, IL 

Inspired by the sustainable markets in Europe, founder Abby Mandel, began the Green City Market in a small area next to the Chicago Theatre in 1999. It now operates year-round in 3 different locations: Lincoln Park, West Loop, and Avondale, with indoor accommodation during the winter months. 

The market focuses on education and encourages their guests to be curious about what’s in their food and how it’s made. All of their vendors support sustainability and clean eating with certifications from nationally-recognized third parties. At the market, you can try different foods, view demonstrations from local chefs, and ask as many questions as you would like to the vendors who brought their farm-to-table. 

The market also prioritizes outreach through their educational programs for school-aged children. Club Sprouts teaches kids about how farmers grow and harvest their food. Schools and other social groups can bring kids on field trips to their 5,000 square foot Edible Garden that is organically and sustainably maintained. 

The Green City Market is more than a place to get food, it’s an epicenter of redefining the rhetoric around how we understand food. 

Crescent City Farmers Market – New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a vibrant city on its own, but add a market that created their own currency to the mix and you will feel like you’re stepping into an alternate universe. Located in Uptown, Mid-city, and City Park, this market offers fresh produce, bread, baked goods, flowers, seafood, dairy, meat, and much more. 

They only take cash but don’t worry you can use your credit and debit cards as well as checks and Apple Pay to exchange your cards for wooden tokens. These tokens allow for the market to be accessible to as many people as possible regardless of how you wish to pay. 

Outside of the market atmosphere, Crescent City is owned by a nonprofit that invests heavily in the community. There are field trip programs, a club to support breastfeeding mothers who are eligible for Medicaid, nutrition incentive programs, other educational programs for children and adults, and much more. As their mission emphasizes the power of “farmers markets to drive economic and community health,” their outreach programs are a great way to support the local neighborhoods they cater to while giving back in the process. 

Gilbert Farmers Market – Near Phoenix, AZ

It’s not hard to find this market that’s located right next to the iconic water tower in downtown Gilbert, AZ.  The market has been up and running successfully for almost 14 years and has grown from 30 vendors to over 100 local farmers and artisans. The market is open both summer and winter and during the holidays they switch their offerings to match the season with themed cookies, macarons, and hot cider. 

Other than typical farmers market offerings, Gilbert makes a point to display their diverse culinary heritage from Hawaiian sauces to chili salsa with roots in Latin America. You can also find artisans and florists in booths around the market. Handmade creations are a staple of farmers markets and Gilbert crafters offer up their soaps, decor, pottery and more for purchase. While you’re at it, you can also pick up a bouquet of beautiful flowers to surprise someone in your life or to decorate your table with vibrant colors and fresh scents. 

Like many markets around the country, Gilbert prioritizes sustainability and education around healthy eating. Ask any of the vendors questions about how their crop was made and learn a little bit about where your food came from!

Pearl Farmers Market – San Antonio, TX

Located in the heart of South Texas, Pearl Market isn’t just a farmers market, it’s an amphitheater, restaurants and retail shops, a brewery, real estate, historical buildings, a hotel, educational opportunities and more. Pearl was originally founded as a brewery in 1883, operated as such throughout the 1900s, and only expanded into the market, hotel, and retail you see today within the last 20 years.

Shortly after the opening of their first farmers market in 2009, the Culinary Institute of America opened a campus at Pearl which now offers classes to student chefs. Individuals looking to start or continue a career in food service or prep can do so right from the streets of the Pearl Market. 

Sustainability is a high priority at Pearl from high walkability to solar installations and building restorations. Pearl partners with the San Antonio Water System to recycle all non-potable water that comes and goes from the site. They also make it a priority to use high quality materials for construction and have an extensive composting program to reduce food waste from all restaurants in the market. As a sustainability leader amongst larger markets, when you attend, you get to experience local life and cuisine all while contributing to green living.

Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA

Similar to Pearl, Pike Place is an extensive street center with restaurants and shops where you can get fresh ingredients, watch comedy shows or cooking demonstrations, support small businesses, and take in the view of Puget Sound. 

The Market has a diverse calendar of events that happen every week ranging from designated Quiet Reading times at Folio, improv shows, cooking classes, historical tours, book signing events, and more. There’s something for everyone 363 days of the year!

Pike Place has been the “heart of Seattle” since 1907 spanning 9 historic acres and is operated by a non-for-profit organization that protects the buildings and the farmers that participate in the market. With more than 220 shops and restaurants, 160 craftspeople, 70 farmers, and 60 buskers, when you visit you’ll find yourself immersed in a local scene like no other. 

Summer is a great time to explore your local community. With locations around the country, we invest deeply in the neighborhoods just around the corner from our offices. LGC encourages you to get out and have fun at your local farmers market this summer!


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