If you had access to a staffing solution that could fix last minute absences, would you use it?

This Staffing Solution Makes Growing Your Team Easier

Regardless of the industry you work in, experiencing gaps in coverage on your team can mean lost revenue, unhappy clients, and burnt-out team members. Last minute absences, in particular, can be especially difficult to account for. During the pandemic, more businesses have been experiencing the effects of being short-staffedCall-offs caused by COVID-related symptoms among other reasons can lead to you scrambling at the buzzer to find an extra hand for that day’s tasks.  

LGC has been operating in the staffing industry for almost two decades, so we understand how detrimental a missing team member can be. That’s why we launched LGC Now, a staffing tool that makes temporarily growing your team easier than everLGC Now, rolled out in 2019, engages temporary workers while streamlining staffing efforts for our clients. With the introduction of LGC Now, clients gain access to a more diverse talent pool, can see their shifts fill faster, and gain transparency on event details. There are several ways clients can benefit by utilizing LGC Now:

LGC Now Benefits

Gap Coverage
Mentioned above, LGC Now is the perfect tool for fillings in gaps on your team, whether it’s for a project-based assignment, to account for seasonal changes, or to cover call-offs. Our self-service model allows you to request workers right when you need them so you don’t stay short-staffed for long.  

Diverse, Motivated Workforce
On the other side of LGC Now is the worker app, where LGC’s workforce can browse and claim shifts they’re eligible forThis flexible staffing model attracts job seekers that are not only diverse, but motivated to work because they’re choosing their own shifts.  

More Transparency
Through the LGC Now app, clients can have more control over staffing their events. See real-time roster updates, employee clock in’s, and the status of your requests at the touch of a button. We want to give our clients peace of mind by offering insight into how we manage your events.  

Same Great Customer Service
Just because we’re using great staffing technology doesn’t mean we’re willing to give up the human touch that makes LGC who we are. We pride ourselves on providing a consultative approach to our client partnerships, and although LGC Now does give clients the option of managing their own events, we’re available every step of the way to assist however we can.  

Our goal with LGC Now is to provide an alternative to traditional staffing that puts both workers and clients in the driver’s seat. To learn more about the LGC Now staffing solution, contact us today.