Every week we comb through the news to find employment trends affecting the hospitality industry so you don’t have to. This week’s Hospitality in the News topic: why you need to be targeting part-time workers now.  

Recent employment reports show that businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors added over 100,000 new jobs in the past two months. With participation rates rising and unemployment hovering below 4%, finding workers to fill open positions is still a challenge.  

Reports also show that more people – as in tens of thousands of people – are turning to part-time or temporary work options. This may be because they can’t find full-time work or because they opt for the flexibility that comes with part-time positions. 

With both points considered, it only makes sense for hospitality and food service businesses to be targeting part-time workers when hiring. Besides the fact that they’re available, what are some of the benefits of hiring part-time workers? 

Benefits of Hiring Part-Time Workers 
  • They’re more satisfied. Workers who have a better work life balance tend to be more satisfied with their job. Satisfied workers are more productive (which directly impacts your bottom line). Part-time jobs can offer flexibility that full-time jobs don’t. 
  • Better seasonal coverage. Easily adjust your team roster depending on seasonality and surges in business. Don’t find yourself short-staffed at your busiest time. 
  • Full-timers can take a break. If you have hiring needs, the last thing you want is for your employees to get burnt out. Hiring part-timers allows the team you already have in place to take a day off if they need one.  
Targeting Part-Time Workers 

Sure, you could put up a job advertisement or hunt for referrals. But both of those are time-consuming and posting ads can be costly. Rather than doing the leg work, why not use a trusted staffing partner who can guarantee results?  

LGC has a proven track record of targeting part-time workers, including recruiting and placing temporary employees. Since 2003, we’ve partnered with businesses in the hospitality industry to fulfill their staffing needs. With two decades of hiring experience, we know what it takes to make sure your goals are met.  

By partnering with LGC you’ll have access to our nationwide network of hospitality professionals. Not only that, but our employees are W2; meaning LGC covers the cost of workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and other relevant employer of record requirements. This allows you to add team members on a part-time or temporary basis without committing long term.  

LGC has the employees you need to get through your busy season – whatever that season may be (summer, football, holidays, etc.). Don’t wait until you’re short-staffed to find an alternative hiring option because by then you’re already behind. Contact LGC today.