If you’re unfamiliar with partnering with a staffing firm, temp-to-hire staffing solutions are a great way to get to know an employee before making a final hiring decision. When using temp-to-hire, you can reduce the risks of making a bad hire.

Temp-to-Hire: What You Need to Know

With historically low unemployment, today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Yet finding the perfect hire can be a dauntingexhaustive, and expensive taskMany companies go the route of working with a third party such as LGC to recruit and vet candidates. Some of the benefits of working with a placement agency include: 

  • Lower costs 
  • Increased candidate flow 
  • Customized staffing solutions 
  • Wider talent pool  

One popular staffing solution is called temp-to-hire. On average, assignments last 3-6 months and are meant to allow the employer and employee to get to know one another before making a hiring commitment. Typically, at the end of the duration of the assignment, workers are offered a permanent position within the organization. (Or, kindly asked to not return.)  

Utilizing a temp-to-hire situation helps familiarize the employee with the culture and responsibilities related to their assignment. Employers can gauge if the worker is a good fit with their team and if they can see them onboard long-term. During the “trial” working period, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the employees’ attitude, timeliness, and other important factors that help determine whether they should become a permanent addition. 

Making a bad hire can cost thousands of dollars for hourly positions. Temp-to-hire (sometimes known as contract-to-hire or temp-to-perm) lowers expenses because it takes out much of the risk; if your employee isn’t a good match, your staffing partner will no longer send them and will find a better fit. Costs like recruiting and unemployment claims are left to the third party. 

Along with several other staffing solutions, LGC offers temp-to-hire for clients looking to grow their team. This is an especially popular option for restaurants or hotels in need of housekeepers or back-of-house employees. There are several ways for clients to utilize the temp-to-perm solution; One way is to contact an LGC recruiter to source specifically for temp-to-hire candidates. This could be someone brand new to LGC or a trusted worker we already have on our platform. From there employers can pay a conversion fee or have the employee work for a certain number of hours through LGC before being converted for free.  

Other times, clients will sort-of fall into a temp-to-hire situation. If they’ve worked with the same employee multiple times at gigs or events and want to make them a permanent part of their internal team, the client can request that worker specifically so they can be converted.  

For LGC, the temp-to-hire solution has been successful because of our dedication to finding great talent. We’re always looking to hire experts in the hospitality industry, recruiting through various channels, which helps keep our candidate pool strong. We’re confident that we can work with clients to find the perfect addition to their team while providing valuable career opportunities to job seekers 

Whatever the reason you’re looking for try temp-to-hire, this staffing solution is ideal to get to know potential staff before making a permanent, and expensive, commitment. If you’re ready to find your next hire, contact the LGC team today.


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