Over the last couple of years, hiring hourly workers has become more challenging, especially knowing where to recruit retail employees. Pre-pandemic, the employment landscape favored the employer; and now it not only favors the job seeker, but it also offers almost 2x the number of open positions than it does available workers. With so many options for job seekers to choose from, attracting the talent you need can be tricky, especially without any assistance. 

The labor shortage isn’t the only challenge impacting hiring. The retail industry has one of the highest quit rates at around 4% (second to the hospitality industry). Coupled with an average turnover of 60%, retaining retail employees can be even more challenging than recruiting them.  

With the worker shortage prevalent across the country, it begs the question, how do I find great workers? How do you know where to recruit retail employees? And better yet, how do you retain them? We’ll cover all that below.  

Where to Recruit Retail Employees 

Because of the disparity between available workers and open positions, it’s not enough to use the same recruiting methods you’ve been relying on. Popping a “we’re hiring” sign on the window or throwing an advertisement up on a job listing platform isn’t enough to attract the talent you need. Rather than being passive in your recruiting, you need to actively (or better yet proactively) attract candidates to your business. 

When considering where to recruit great retail employees, the best option is to find and partner with a staffing agency. Staffing partners employ a diverse pool of screened and pre-vetted professionals who can help fulfill your hiring needs.  

Most staffing partnerships will offer temporary, temp to hire, and permanent placements; meaning you can supplement your team on a short- or long-term basis. This is particularly beneficial during the holiday season when many retailers need to hire to account for an uptick in business. And then what happens when the holidays are over? They’re forced to make mass layoffs that can impact their bottom line. With a staffing partner, you can avoid the fees and costs that come with hiring or firing employees because it falls under the responsibility of the staffing organization. 

But how do staffing companies know where to recruit retail employees? Though we can’t speak for everyone, in MarketStaff’s case, it’s because we’re able to tap into a nationwide network of employees who have a variety of experience in the retail industry. We’re able to better recruit and retain retail employees because we offer them what they want: flexibility and choice. 

How to Retain Retail Employees 

Part of retention is knowing what employees need not only from their job, but from their employers as well. Because of the labor shortage, the current employment landscape favors the job seeker, meaning they have options when choosing their next job. And may be picky when doing so. That’s why it’s important to prioritize retention; once you have them, you don’t want to lose them. Here are 3 tips for retaining retail employees in the current employment landscape:  

  • Offer a pay rate that’s actually competitive. With most jobs increasing their wages to attract talent, paying minimum wage is a thing of the past. Attracting candidates means being a more attractive job than your competition – and that may involve higher pay than you’re offering. 
    • How LGC can help you achieve this: Through most staffing partners, you’ll pay a standard rate that includes mark up and the workers’ pay rate. Though this number may be higher than you’re used to, you won’t be on the hook for unemployment insurance, workers comp benefits, or other hiring/staffing related costs. 
  • Adjust your attitude. It may be unintentional, but some hiring managers go into the process with an attitude that says, “What can you do for me?” This approach won’t work anymore because candidates can find another opportunity if they don’t like what you’re selling. Instead, your mindset should more so reflect, “How can we both satisfy each other’s needs?” 
    • How LGC can help you achieve this: LGC has dedicated staffing managers that handle the interviewing and hiring processes. Our main priority is to offer candidates a great experience whether they work with us or not. We understand how valuable our workforce is and make sure they know that with each interaction we have. 
  • Understand the importance of flexibility. We know that workers want a satisfactory work life balance and in some cases, aren’t willing to settle for less. Offering flexibility in their schedule is the best way to achieve that outcome.  
    • How LGC can help you achieve this: Our staffing services include LGC Now which allows workers to pick up shifts around their schedule. They can take time off when they need it, reducing the chances of burnout or quitting. 

Knowing where to recruit retail employees is about knowing what job seekers want and then providing those needs. It can be tricky to go about this process alone, so don’t hesitate to reach out to MarketStaff with your staffing needs. 

About Us 

MarketStaff is a division of LGC that’s primary focus is providing employees for all aspects of retail operations from the factory to the floor. We partner with clients across the country in over 40 cities to connect them with amazing employees that meet their needs. Thanks to our nationwide network, we know exactly where to recruit retail employees. Contact us to learn more.