Staffing agencies have been a main workforce solution for hundreds of years; which should tell you that they can withstand changing employment landscapes. Opposed to direct hire, partnering with a staffing firm can be a great way to fulfill your hiring needs and tap into a diverse candidate pool. But is the traditional staffing model the right way to go?

LGC has been in the staffing sector for almost 20 years, and our founders’ experience is rooted in the staffing industry. We pride ourselves on creating a great experience for both candidates and clients using our unique staffing model. Below, we’ll talk about five ways LGC’s staffing model differs from a traditional staffing model. 

The Traditional Staffing Model: Manually reaching out to employees to see if they’re eligible to work. 
The LGC Way: Leveraging staffing technology to help streamline placement efforts.  

In a traditional staffing model, internal employees are responsible for manually assigning workers to shifts. This means that workers will either call in to see what’s available, or employees will have to contact individual workers to see if they’re free for the shift. LGC leverages a staffing technology platform powered by NextCrew called LGC Now. This allows us to automatically send out shift notifications to our workforce where they can then claim their own shifts based on eligibility.  

By utilizing staffing technology, we can free up the time it would take to manually contact employees. This allows for us to spend more time on client and candidate relationships.  

The Traditional Staffing Model: Fully automates or remains fully manual. 
The LGC Way: Balances tech implementation while maintaining great client and candidate relationships. 

LGC’s staffing model is unique because it combines new school technology with old school staffing priorities. This means that we don’t let the use of technology prevent us from forming close relationships with clients and candidates. We believe that this helps set us apart from traditional staffing agencies who often will go either fully automated or remain fully manual.  

The Traditional Staffing Model: Specializes in one staffing solution.  
The LGC Way: Can accommodate various types of placement requests.  

If you’re new to working with a staffing company, you may be unsure what type of placements you need made. For example, are you looking to fill a short-term assignment? Do you want to grow your full-time team permanently? What if you want to bring a temporary worker on for a longer assignment?  

When you partner with a company that only specializes in one type of placement, as is often the case with the traditional staffing model, it can limit your options. LGC offers a variety of staffing solutions that can be customized to fit your hiring needs. Not only that, but we can assist with sourcing candidates using our Recruitment Subscription service, which you can learn more about here 

The Traditional Staffing Model: Placements can take several days or weeks to fill.  
The LGC Way: LGC Now allows for placements that can occur within minutes or hours. 

The LGC Now staffing platform is designed to allow for workers to claim shifts as soon as they’re posted to the schedule, available on a mobile app. This means that shifts can fill in minutes, if not hours. Because of the manual effort it takes to place employees in a traditional staffing model, placements can take days, if not longer. 

The Traditional Staffing Model: Available workers are separated by skills.  
The LGC Way: Nationwide workforce with a variety of skills.  

In a traditional staffing model, workers are separated by skill or availability. When partnering with LGC, you can tap into our nationwide network of diverse professionals who have a variety of skills and experiences. Adaptability is the name of the game, and having workers who can accommodate a variety of requests is key in this hiring climate.  

As the world of work continues to advance, it’s important that the staffing industry advances with it. While the traditional staffing model can work for some businesses, LGC prides itself on building a model that can account for just about every request and situation our clients need assistance with. By leveraging staffing technology and continuing to prioritize our professional relationships, LGC can help accomplish whatever hiring goals you have.